What’s REALLY Trending on Youtube [NEW vidIQ TOOL!]

By | August 11, 2019

We all know about YouTube’s trending page
don’t we? But does it really tell you the truth and
can we make a tool that serves video creators better? Hello everyone, welcome to vidIQ, my name
is Rob, if this is your first time here we are the YouTube tool and channel that aims
to help you get more views in less time. Our tool is free to download, a link is in
the description and while you’re at it click on the subscription button and notification
bell so you don’t miss anything on our channel. Today we’re talking about this… well YouTube
not literally on fire but trending or viral videos. YouTube does have a dedicated page for such
content so let’s start there. And here it is, a random mix of videos collated
by YouTube in the following manner… Yeah, we’re not that interested it what it
can do, we’re more interested in what it can’t do . For example, this list isn’t sorted into categories
so it’s bringing up loads of content I have no interest in. It doesn’t list the videos in order of views
per hour which is a real measure of video velocity and you can bet your bottom dollar
there’s a Jimmy Kimmel video somewhere in this list because of, well, reasons. So our wish list for find trending videos
would be something that can sort by category, maybe even sort by a keyword, something that
sorts by views per hour so we know a video’s true trending value and loads more sprinkled
on top. And here it is the most viewed tool. You can get to it either by the tab on the
left hand side or from the top tab on main YouTube pages. If you compare YouTube’s trending tab against
our most viewed tab you’ll get contrasting results. Why? Because we base our data off of videos with
the highest views per hour right now. So forget videos that had millions of views
last week but aren’t getting any now or channels that YouTube favours, if a Russian Trailer
for Happy Death Day is getting the most views right now, we’ll tell you. But of course Russian movie trailers might
not be what you’re interested in so this is where our tool really shows its stuff. How about if we add a keyword such as Black
Friday. Ok, now this is more relevant to my interests
and at the top we can switch the sort list between VPH or most views depending on whether
you want to see the most popular videos over the last week or the most popular videos right
now. But why stop at keyword? Let’s gets more specific and add a location,
better yet, let’s drill down into the category that most interest me. By this point you’ll be looking at exactly
the sort of trending videos that interest you, and some really weird stuff too. There are plenty more options included changing
the period of time so you can find if videos have done well over six months and but still
have a high velocity today. And then you can look at videos from a totally
different perspective such as how much engagement it generates. Sometimes the best videos aren’t the most
popular, so if you can find content with loads of likes, comments, even dislikes, those might
the videos which have more value to them. And of course, along with engagement we give
you a breakdown of the video and channel which can make for valuable insight, For example this video has a very high engagement
rate which has driven over 3,000 subscribers to a 150,000-view video. That is a phenomenal conversion rate, definitely
a video worth watching I would say. There’s all sorts of other ways to filter
your criteria too including vidIQ score, total number of views, VPHs, video duration and
channel subs. This last one can help you view trending videos
for a keyword from channels that are a similar size to your own. If that content is working for them, it’s
certainly something you should be looking at too. So what would you rather have, a passive YouTube
trending page that tells you what you should watch, or a vidIQ power tool that allows you
to control the type of popular videos you want to see? Now this brand new tool is available to all
users with Pro customers being able to search keywords and sort videos while Boost users
get access to all the filters as well. We’d also love to hear your feedback on what
you think of this tool and how you might use it on a day to day basis. We think this tool has near unlimited research
potential in helping you find the content you either want to watch or help you grow
your channel. Enjoy the rest of your video making day, bye
for now.

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  1. Reality Of Life Post author

    Thank you so much VID IQ once again .. i will now use this new tool. basically why i like VidIQ is because every day i learn something new about how YouTube world spins. and one another reason is VIDIQ basic is a free tool that really helps Creators what they really need the most in start,

  2. CZsWorld Post author

    This is a great tool! YouTube should hire VidIQ to build their trending page.

  3. Barbie Elif Post author

    wait for my new video on sunday 😍 it will be in trends in Turkey 😆😍😚

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  5. Shyam Sisodia Post author

    This new vidIQ tool is most usefull tool for you tuber.thankes for this information

  6. Sonic McPatriotic Post author

    Wow! Love it! My suggested videos on HOME are crap. This is very useful.


    Can I use vidiq in Android please help me
    Please make Android app
    I have no loptop or pc

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    After searching a keyword, isn't this just like the search bar with filters?

  9. Nicolas Ganea Post author

    Ok I've had this for 6 months now and I didn't know you could do that… thank you so mcuh!!! for making this!!!

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    asking for subscriptions before providing content ~

    You get a subscription for providing good content, not just for providing any content.

    If you haven't yet provided any content, then you can't have provided good content, so you don't yet deserve a subscription. Now, you not only don't get a subscription from me but you also won't get view time out of me either.

    There's still some independent thinkers left in this hell hole.

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