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By | August 29, 2019

BETHANY: Hi, everyone! Social Media Manager Bethany here with Digital Manager Aaron. AARON: Hello! BETHANY: And we’re gonna talk about search engine
optimization today because if you’re like me, you kind of understand it. But
you don’t completely know how it works, or what you should expect if you’re
working with an SEO agency. So that’s what we’re going to talk about.
All right, so first question for Aaron: What are some of the biggest
misconceptions about SEO? AARON: So definitely the time it takes to execute a campaign so that the client sees noticeable results. BETHANY: OK. So I’m guessing they think it’s probably gonna be faster than it is? [laughs] AARON: Yes, most clients think it will
happen overnight, and in reality it takes three to four months to really see
measurable results. BETHANY: OK. So what can affect that? Like if their website is a certain way, can that affect it? If the industry is a certain way, can that, like, more competition, can that make it harder to see results? AARON: Sure. So if we develop the site,
we usually get results a lot sooner just because of the technical quality
during development. Also the size of the website and the condition, the existing condition of the website. BETHANY: OK. that makes sense.
Yeah, probably would be easier to streamline it if we’re starting and then moving forward.
AARON: Right. BETHANY: So what exactly does your job look like on a
daily basis? A lot of people don’t really know what SEO managers or digital managers are doing because it’s such an abstract concept. AARON: Sure. So it’s definitely analytical. So I’m looking at analytics every single day. I’m researching trends and working with keywords. BETHANY: OK. So the analytics around
the website or around the keywords? Both areas? AARON: Yes, they both correlate. BETHANY: OK. That makes sense. So how much time do you spend researching keywords? AARON: Ummm … more than two hours a day.
BETHANY: That’s a lot. I hope you like doing that. AARON: I do. It’s fun!
BETHANY: [laughs] Good! So what are some healthy expectations
that clients should have when they’re starting to starting to work
with an SEO agency? AARON: So number one is communication. You want to make sure that the agency is communicating with you, regularly. And you need to make sure that they’re
staying on track with your goals, with your business goals. So that’s something I think we do very well here. BETHANY: OK. So basically I know we
a lot of times have meetings with clients right away and try to get an
understanding of what they’re trying to do so we can structure our goals and our
campaigns around that. AARON: Correct.
BETHANY: OK. AARON: And then we also do monthly reporting to show our results. BETHANY: OK. All right. So yeah, probably would be important to communicate what we’re actually doing if you don’t [understand SEO]. That makes sense.
AARON: Right. Correct. BETHANY: OK, well, that’s all we have for you today. We also did a blog recently that goes more into depth with what Aaron does on a daily basis and what our digital team does, if you want to check that out. And we’ll be back sometime soon with another Q&A. AARON & BETHANY: Bye!

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