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– What would I do if I were starting my business all over again from scratch? What would I do today, in 2019, if I wanted to build an online business? Well, I’m gonna talk about that in-depth, but before I go any further,
there are five books that I wanna recommend to you if you are trying to build an online business or you’re trying to get
started in entrepreneurship. I’m gonna recommend 6 Months
to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd. I’m gonna recommend Will it Fly? by my good friend, Pat Flynn. I’m going to recommend the $100 Startup. I’m going to recommend
FU Money by Dan Lok. And I’m going to of course recommend Crushing It! by the man, Gary V, tremendous entrepreneur, somebody that I’ve been following for a long time. And I think that these five books will really help you understand a better sense of what you can do, the possibilities, and also sort through the ideas in your head and help you set priorities. So I’m gonna link to these five books in the description down below, as well as another five other secret books that I think will help you
crush it as an entrepreneur. Hey everybody. This is Roberto Blake, helping you create something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here, welcome. My name’s Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur,
public speaker, a YouTube-certified marketer, and I have a social
media coaching business also, on creatoracademy.com. Today I wanna talk to you about what I would be doing in 2019, maybe even 2020, if I were
gonna start an online business from scratch, and some of this is, I’m gonna reveal the process behind how I got started, but I’m gonna really put it into the context of what I believe a
beginner could do today and lessons that I think you can learn from me and other people. Now, in context, I think that the tools and systems available to you, and also the free
education available to you, is far better than when I was doing this. There wasn’t actually a
lot of great information for starting an online business
just even a few years ago. It’s become something that’s
very much more popularized. Entrepreneurship itself is much more popularized than ever, and if you’ve watched any of my videos before, you know that I talk a lot about things like passive income, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and freelancing. And where I begun in all
of this was freelancing, which I think is one of the most accessible things for people. It is more of an independent job than it is an actual business. So that’s a really good
mid-range starting point for somebody that’s transitioning from being an employee but isn’t fully able to go into building a business that doesn’t rely on
them actually getting up and hustling every single day. Now, a lot of people will believe that, if you don’t have employees, then you don’t have a real business. I disagree to some extent. I understand where they’re going for that, but you can pull and extract yourself out of your business and have an exit if you have systems in place
that are making you money. But that’s very hard to do
and not everyone can do it. So I understand where they’re coming from. Most businesses do need employees, and most people can’t operate
as a solo entrepreneur. I think that there’s a specific type of personality and talent for that. I think it’s something
that’s more reserved for people who are stoic by nature. That being said, I feel
that there are a couple of approaches here, and e-commerce is very powerful, in the sense of, you could always have virtual assistants and remote employees that
handle a lot of the back-end. And I also think that the systems and tools, once you build
up the marketing engine or the advertising behind it, allow you to scale that business
to six or seven figures without a lot of day-to-day sweat. I think that the work is done up-front on that for the most part. That’s been my personal experience. But I think I really need to break this down a little bit more for you guys ’cause I think that we’re
getting into the weeds. Let’s say you’re just starting out. You don’t have a lot of money, but you have a few hundred dollars in the bank and you have a cellphone, and you have a laptop
or a desktop computer. I think that one of the
most practical things you can do is you can look at what skills you have and you can make a decision. You can decide that you can either sell those skills directly to the market in the form of doing freelance work, or if you have knowledge,
you can become a coach or a consultant, and you could do that. Or, depending on your skills,
you can build a product and you can use digital e-commerce to sell your own product directly. Now, if you find out that your skill is that you’re good at sales in general, or you’re good at making content, or you have a good personality, then another option for you is to sell something for someone else and get into the realm
of affiliate marketing, and that way you don’t have to build your own product, and that means you don’t have to necessarily
provide a direct service. You can leverage the ability
to cultivate attention and your ability to develop a brand. Those are different approaches
to a online business today that don’t cost you a
lot of up-front money. Now, given my own background and skills, if I were starting over, the good news for me is that I know
how to build a website. I taught myself coding, so I have a skill that I could go to, say
okay, I can build a website and I can develop maybe a blog, and I can do affiliate marketing, get a traction, leverage SEO,
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. I also, in this case, I’m
good at public speaking. So if I don’t do a blog, maybe my content vehicle is podcasting. Maybe I do a podcast, set that up as my website, talk about a lot of different and various topics. Maybe they’re related to technology. Maybe they’re related to books. Maybe they’re related
to personal development. And then that allows me to
leverage affiliate marketing, or develop my own product,
or a coaching service, and then use that as a marketing
vehicle for that business. And that wouldn’t cost
a lot of up-front money. I could buy a microphone. I could use that laptop that I have. You could even do it on your
cellphone with Anchor now. There’s this app called Anchor. The hosting wouldn’t cost a lot. You can get unlimited
hosting with Simplecast. That’s what I use for my podcast. By the way, I’m gonna link
to all these resources, and books, and things that
I’m mentioning down below ’cause I think that could be helpful. So yeah, I could develop a podcast and I could either build
off a coaching business from that, do affiliate marketing, which is a lot of what my good
friend, Pat Flynn, has done. There are any number of options, and of course I can
develop my own products. Now, as another content
and marketing vehicle, obviously there’s ability
to use a YouTube channel. My background says, well,
you know video editing and you know how cameras work, so you could build a YouTube channel and you could use that to
market and grow a business. I actually used this to help market myself as a freelancer in the early days of this channel, and then my
freelance clients realized that I was out-marketing them and that I knew all this social media stuff, so they transitioned to hiring me less for creative and technical work to handle marketing for
them, and management, and then ultimately I
would become a consultant and a coach, and grow that business. Later, I would brand that and separate it from just being Roberto Blake and robertoblake.com to me
building Awesome Creator Academy as its own brand and build it as a separate six-figure business, separating out my personal brand, which also makes a substantial income, and then also the B2B side of consulting, and doing workshops, and things of that nature, and private speaking. You’ll notice that we have
a recurring theme here. Sales, marketing, and skills. Sales, marketing, and skills. This is very important. You need an actual skill that you can put behind your business, either for you to be able to develop a
service or develop a product. And if you can’t develop a product or service of your own, you have to sell on the behalf of someone else. But you can’t sell to anybody if you don’t market, and cultivate attention, and build an audience of people that might be willing to buy it. And so that is kind of where we’re at when it comes to
building an online business. You have to have a content platform of some kind, whether you have a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, or even another social media platform like Instagram, per se. You need some kind of content vehicle because it is the cost of being
relevant in the 21 century. You need that so you can leverage traffic to whatever it is that
you want people to buy. Now, in terms of some practical measures when it comes to that online business, the thing that I wish I’d prioritized when I got started was
growing an email list to have direct access
to all of my audience. I came to that game a little bit later because, when I worked
in corporate America, I did email marketing and
I wasn’t happy with it. But my good friend, Amy Landino, said, “Roberto, you don’t have
to do sucky email marketing. “You’re awesome. “Just do awesome email marketing.” And that resonated so much with me, and it got me past my own internal bias against email marketing, even though I knew it was practical, even though I knew that I could deliver value to people that would be
happy to open my emails. I just had such a bad experience with the way it’d been
done, and even the emails that I was reading from people, to where I was reluctant
and resistant to that. So I would encourage you more
to embrace email marketing and also, of course, even if
you’re gonna do social media, own your own website. Have your own analytics. Own the traffic. Own the relationship with your audience. Do not be beholden to these algorithms. So these are some of the lessons and some of the things that,
if I were starting out today, I would be prioritizing and focusing on. I also probably would’ve
prioritized building e-books to help solidify my credibility and reputation after a certain point, and to reach that evergreen market. It would’ve also helped me leverage speaking opportunities more. It would’ve given me more leverage for interviews, to be
able to say author of. So it’s something I would
definitely pay attention to. So I wanna open this up to you. What do you wanna know about
starting an online business? Because I would love
to make some dedicated and specific videos for all of you about starting an online business and directly tell you what
you think you need to know. There are a lot of videos that I’ve done on this channel
about online business, about starting a stay-at-home business, about how to make money online. But I would love to make some
very specific, catered videos. There’s a chance that they never get more than a couple thousand views because they’ll be specific, but I think it’s important to cover these topics, to go in-depth on them, and to make sure that you’re getting the
answers to questions you need. And that’s why I make the videos that I make on this channel. I know that there are videos. Look, if I wanted 50 to 100 thousand views on every video, I know exactly which videos and which
topics will get clicks. But at the end of the day, I’m here to give my audience exactly what I think you need, because I wish somebody was right here, doing it for me, day in and day out, when
I first got started. So anyway, I want you guys to answer that in the Comments section for me. All the resources that I’ve
mentioned will be linked in the description. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks so very much for watching, and don’t forget. Go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care.


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    Thanks for another extremely informative video, Roberto! My questions have to do more with developing a business structure. At what point should you consider moving from a sole proprietor type situation to setting up an LLC? I've freelanced in the past as a technical writer (as a sole proprietor), but that was for a single project while I was in-between 9-5 jobs. I was considering moving forward with looking for more clients when a full-time Tech Writer position opened up so I never went back to freelancing. To do that now as a side venture, I'd actually have to get permission from my company due to potential conflicts of interest. Anyway, I'm now entertaining setting up a blog (self-improvement type) with adding in affiliate marketing and writing my own e-books to monetize. I may start a YouTube channel once I have a good body of content posted on the blog. I have lots of creative ideas, but my issues lie with the actual business management set up. Any advice on how to start off right or have any good (and inexpensive) resources to help? Thanks a bunch!

  74. CraftsWithIsabella Post author

    I notice a lot of channels have their “Popular Videos” as the first playlist on their homepage. Curious if that’s a good strategy and why. Thanks!

  75. making changes Post author

    I will be revisiting this video. Great advice and makes me think about the methods I use to make my passions into a career.
    My questions are first, how to go about professionally dealing with possible sponsors and affiliates. Second, how to save enough for taxes every year.
    Third, how do I choose which passion to focus on when I get "started"

  76. whateverman Post author

    Thanks for simplifying this online business 'thing' for us. If I may ask for a specific video, would be about CREATING A COPYWRITING BUSINESS. I think it would be a great topic since you haven't talked too much about this subject. Hope it happens, we are looking forward to it!!!

  77. Scully's House of Thrillers Post author

    First, congratulations for closing in on 400k. I'm currently in the process of cloning my business model from you and Brian and the Nimmins, the Big Four. You guys will be the biggest show in town, because, as you know, the people getting on today will make Pewdiepie a thing of the past. One of us will be the next maverick, holding the title of one billion followers. And for them … they will have to learn from the Big Four. I wish you the best, my friend. Good health, and happy reading if you decide to join my community. I will bring value in the form of writing tutorials. I will entertain by reading my books. There is no author out there doing what I'm doing. I saw a vein of gold, and started digging.

  78. GRV Gaming Reviewing and Vlogging Post author

    I am trying to build my YouTube channel. If anybody wants to help, please reply with advise in how I can achieve this goal; by the way love your insights and videos.

  79. Crazy Face Post author

    Hey Roberto, I really like your information and I can’t wait to apply some of your strategies for growing YouTube. Can you please make a video on how artists like myself can go from making drawing or art videos to a full time business.

  80. Kamilla Sh Post author

    Hi Roberto, can't wait for your book. You are an amazing person, all your videos are so motivational. Could you talk about ideas about how to grow on youtube without showing your face, because some people just scared to put themselves on a public, scared in the sense of safety, or they can't just come out because of cultural background they come from. I saw some channels with thousands of subscribers where people even don't show their face, some don't talk at all, and they just do what they love to do and film it. How to push one another him/herself just to get it started and done. How to be courageous to get started, when you are not sure if anything you are trying to is gonna work – if you can do it?. How to push yourself?

  81. Drew Valentin Post author

    You’re right. There is so much more out there that’s free. We just need to look for them. Research is key and you just have to put yourself out there

  82. VIDEO LEAGUE Post author

    You would be able to start all over again with just a pack of skittles.

  83. KicksON Post author

    The 1℅ NO In the Poll is Me. Lol just for fun I definitely wanna start. Business

  84. Mrs CF Post author

    Thank you Roberto, if I would pick areas I need help in would be doing affiliate marketing and ebooks. Great video loads of useful information.

  85. Thea Sigrid Sanchez Post author

    New subbie here BUT I can’t comment what I think I need since I need to binge watch everything you’ve done! But thank you for creating awesome content 💕💕

  86. Aaron Aldridge Post author

    I only see 9 books listed in the description…

  87. kuunami Post author

    I would like to be a full time motion graphics freelancer then eventually transition into a business. The business side of freelance is where I struggle. Contacts, billing, proposals, communicating with clients etc.I feel like if I was more skilled in these areas I would be more confident to push forward in my search for clients.


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