What To Expect When Getting Started With Boostability

By | August 12, 2019

When Boostability was founded, Launchpad was created as a platform to manage our customer campaigns via CRM, and an
integrated work-flow system for Work Delivery and Productivity tracking. This
proprietary technology allows Boostability to produce superior results in
less time, and at a lower cost than our competitors. Launchpad is the glue that
holds us all together to create great products and services for our clients.
Our partners and customers are able to access Products, Reporting and Analytics, with complete transparency, while we at Boostability simultaneously
use Launchpad to fulfill on Website Builds, SEO and Social Media campaigns
for our partners and clients, and also manage the operation of each client. Launchpad allows Boostability to function like an assembly line, with
specialized teams in each of our three locations across the Wasatch Front for
each step of the process. Here’s how everything fits together. First, our Fulfillment Team – Fulfillment is full of fun people who actually
fulfill on everything that a client expects us to do. They complete a huge
number of tasks every day. In fact they are averaging over 12,000 tasks completed per day. The tasks and services that Fulfillment
provides includes, but are not limited to Onsite optimization Custom website building and design. Link
Building. Local Search and Map Optimization, and high quality writing and editing. Next we have our Direct Teams. These teams work directly with Boostability’s clients to provide all of the SEO services they need. This includes the
Direct Sales Team. The Direct Client Services Teams – also known as Account
Managers; and another team of highly trained specialists who perform various
website based tasks. All of our Direct Teams work together at our new Lindon
office. The Direct Sales Team has the unique opportunity to highlight Launchpad technology as a full-service and attractive solution for clients. Clients
stay in the loop with every bit of work that goes into their sites. Next on our
Direct Team we have the Direct Account Managers, or Client Services Team. Client
Services are the liaison between Boostability and the clients. They get to
know their clients and make sure each client’s needs are met. Client Services uses Launchpad to
provide top-notch customer service. Launchpad is the platform where they
record partner or client information; perform SEO consultations; and assign
tasks for fulfillment. The SEO infrastructure team is that highly
trained group of specialists we mentioned. They do everything from
blogging and writing to website development and design for our direct
clients. They create the platforms that our clients need for online marketing
success. They also receive and report their tasks from Launchpad. Boostability’s Corporate Headquarters and Executive Offices are in Lehi, Utah. Our
partner teams are at this location as well. This includes, the Partner Account
Managers – they are white labeled for partner organizations, and work directly
with our partner’s clients every day, using Launchpad to guide them through
their campaigns and to show real-time reporting metrics with complete
transparency. Partner Sales Representatives work closely with the
Partner Account Managers, to provide exceptional services to our large
partner organizations. Boostability’s Dev Team continually builds and improves Launchpad so that it provides optimum functionality for all of our employees
and clients. Launchpad differentiates Boostability from others in the
industry because it has been built according to our internal needs, industry
and product needs, and partner needs. Because it has been built from the
ground up, it is flexible and extensible, which gives us a greater measure of
adaptability in the marketplace as it evolves around us. Though Launchpad is central to our processes at Boostability, the real work is done by you. Your specialized and specific contribution has a great impact on the overall quality
and efficiency of our online marketing products. At the core of everything we do,
there is a business owner depending on us to do a good job so that their
website can climb up the Search Engine Result Page.

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