What SEO Factors Should You Focus On First?

By | October 16, 2019

This is John Locke from Lockedown Design. Today I want to talk to you for just a couple
minutes about the things that can influence your rankings. Many business owners are interested in finding
out what things go into the Google rankings because they want to know what things they
can influence to make their site rank higher. We turn to a lot of tool to analyze things,
and there’s a lot of tools out there that will tell you certain things. There’s at least 200 factors that Google takes
into consideration in their algorithm that determine where you’re going to get placed
on a daily basis. Now, that number’s probably low. There’s probably, actually, more than 200,
but the three that they have identified in the recent past as having a great amount of
influence are the content on your site, the links that go back to your site, meaning your
backlink profile, the sites that are linking into your site, and also something they call
RankBrain, which is basically artificial intelligence. Now, how RankBrain works is they use human
quality guideline search raters. They basically tell them to go out and do
some searches and look at sites and evaluate them. They use this information that the human search
raters look at in the sites, and they write algorithms to try and mimic what human searchers
are finding. They’re trying to write algorithms that duplicate
what human beings would choose. This RankBrain, this artificial intelligence
is still in early stages. It’s probably at the intelligence level of
a young child at this point, if you want to use an analogy. But, basically, what I want to focus on today
are things that people get obsessed over that, maybe, they make a little bit of difference
and things that will make a bigger difference in your rankings. If you’re going to focus on one factor alone
to make your SEO go up, to make your rankings go up, I would say focus on content first. The content on your site is going to be the
most influential thing you can put on your site, and I would say have both educational
and informational content as well as sales pages if you want to rank. Having just sales pages is not going to answer
your customers’ questions, so having both information and sales pages will help go as
deep as you can and create as much content as you possibly can that answers customer
questions that they might have prior to sales and after sales. The second thing that I would concentrate
a lot on is getting relevant backlinks. A lot of people in the past, they did SEO
by just getting links from any old site, and the most amount of links would usually win
a result. Nowadays, it’s a lot more nuanced, and what
you have to do is find relevant links from sites that are closely related to yours. If you’re not doing link outreach or you’re
not having someone do link outreach for you and link building, that’s probably something
that you should focus on. Now, there are a lot of other factors in SEO:
the way that your site looks, how user friendly it is, how mobile friendly it is, the site
speed, how fast it loads, Schema markup. All of these things I would worry about once
you get those two things in position. They do influence SEO. There are many, many things that add up into
the ball of SEO. The thing to remember: SEO is about incremental
gains. It’s about improving what you can all the
time and always looking for a way to improve your site. Doing all these little things, making sure
that you have 301 redirects in place, making sure you don’t have any 404 pages, making
sure your site loads fast and is mobile friendly. All these things are a factor. Making sure you have https instead of http. All these things matter, but, above all, having
content that answers the searcher’s intent and making sure that you have a robust, solidly
built backlink profile of sites that are closely related to yours and that are going to drive
traffic, and this is the important part, links that are going to drive traffic to your site. If I would add anything else to that, I would
say it’s important to look like a brand, always be building your brand. The more that you work on that, being known
in your industry, building out your brand. Part of that is having great content, which
is thought leadership. These things are all important. Just remember, SEO is not just a couple easy
tick boxes. You should be looking at the things that are
difficult to do and the things that are hard to scale. The things that bigger brands do are things
that you should be looking at doing as well. When I say that, I mean thought leadership,
which is content, and I mean building out a robust backlink profile and looking like
a brand. Do all those things, have a nice looking site
that loads fast. You should be in good shape. Always be working on that. If you have any follow-up questions, you can
always find me at my site, which is lockedowndesign.com.

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  1. John Locke Post author

    If you are only working on one thing, work on your website content. You should also work on your back link profile, and user experience. If you have a SEO question, leave it in the comments below, and we'll answer it in a future video. Peace.


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