What It Takes To Scale Your SEO Business

By | August 21, 2019

James Schramko here with a video on how to scale
your SEO business. One of the questions I get asked from people
who intend to resell the SEO service is “How much technical knowledge do they need to have
to be able to do that?” Well, when I started selling SEO in local business services, I
had a lot of knowledge. I knew how to build a website, I knew how to do the SEO and I
did everything myself. The problem is, we only have 180 hours a month so you scale up
and then you get to the limit. I estimate most people can make 150, 200, maybe 300,000
dollars by yourself before you start needing to get teams. But you’re going to be absolutely
flat-strapped. This is if you have premium customers, they’re coming to you without
too much marketing effort and you’re able to do the work competently.
Now, for most people, the technical knowledge can be a big handicap because it stops you
from being the ultimate business owner. You should be focusing on marketing, project management
and customer service so that you can build a scalable business. “Scalable” means
you can actually lift up the revenue beyond those hundreds of thousands, get into the
mid-hundreds or the 7 figure — that million-dollar plus range. That’s certainly possible for
people who resell my services and that’s because they’re not doing the work, that’s
the essential thing. When you are buying a “done for you” service
at a wholesale level and then you put a margin on top, then your job is just to get the customers
and to make sure they’re happy. And you can just keep ordering more and more and more
because there are services out there, whether you use mine or someone else’s, that are
scalable that can actually cope with ten times more volume than you’re doing today. So
if you let go of that technical thing, think of it like you don’t have to be the expert
violinist in the orchestra. You could be the conductor of the orchestra instead. Pay your
violinist a fee but take the ticket sales for the whole event.
So how do you get fresh news if you’re reselling to local businesses? Well one thing is, just
watch my SEO news each week and get ideas from that. Because what my team do is they
scour the internet and they also go through all of our hundreds of customers’ results
and they look at link profiles, changes in the algorithm and tools, and they have a look
and see what the data is telling us from Google Webmaster Tools, right through to paid tools,
subscription services like Majestic SEO and AHREFS. And we aggregate all that information
and I come to you with a short summary of what’s happening in the market.
Truly it’s one of the biggest costs is actually having the people to man this research and
development but I’m committed to doing it because we have a substantial business interest.
Now if you have a first time customer and you’re not sure how to get the technical
understanding of what to help them with, take out website check at SEOPartner. Now of course
the intention is that you would take out a check, deliver the results that we send you
to the customer and then order from us when you need to have the job done, and I need
to keep it available for genuine customers. So one website check per customer, use that
to go and get your job; at least you’ll get a good understanding of our process. We
work really hard to work with you to make it easy for you to get out there and win business.
The other final question on how to scale is “Where do you get your leads?” The best
leads you’ll get are referrals from existing happy customers. That’s how our business
has grown. Word of mouth referrals are number one but make sure you get out there, watch
some of my other marketing videos, go to live events, get some kind of direct response marketing
happening, whether it’s via videos, or mail, or called telesales, appointment setting.
There’s lots of things you could do to generate leads but start with your existing customers
and ask them “Who else can you look after in the same way that you’ve looked after
your customer?” Well, I’m James Schramko, I hope these tips
help you scale your SEO business. I’d be happy to be helping you with that from our
SEOPartner site.

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