What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

By | February 18, 2020

Okay, so you’re wondering what exactly is
Stadia? We’ve got you covered. Stadia is an all-new way to enjoy your favorite hit video games. Only you don’t need an expensive console
or PC to play. Stadia streams games directly from Google’s
data centers to your devices. It’s kind of like streaming music or TV
shows, but with high quality video games. To play on your TV, plug in a Chromecast Ultra,
and setup your Stadia Controller using the Stadia app on your phone. Once you’re set up, you buy the game you
want, then you play it. Instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to download,
either. Seconds after you press purchase, you’ll
be streaming your game directly from the Internet to your screen. And since it’s powered by Google’s data
centers, your games can run at premium specs. Up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second
with high dynamic range colors. But it doesn’t stop with your TV. You can bring the same incredible gaming experiences
to just about all the screens in your life. Your favorite games on your laptop, desktop,
and select tablets and smartphones. Is your roommate interrupting your game to
watch a show? Switch over to your laptop and pick up right
where you left off. On a trip? Stream games on your smartphone. Anywhere you’ve got WiFi, you’re just
a click away from buying the latest titles and instantly playing your games. Which also means you’re always a click away
from playing with your friends. The Stadia controller connects directly to
the Stadia servers to give you lightning fast response time when playing wirelessly. If you’re in love with another controller,
or a mouse and keyboard, you can use those to play Stadia on your computer. Stadia Pro is our premium subscription. It gives you up to 4K resolution, with 5.1
surround sound, and free games regularly. The longer you’re subscribed to Stadia Pro
and the more free games you claim, the larger your collection will be. Now you’re an expert in all things Stadia, coming to all kinds of screens everywhere. For the latest updates on Stadia, follow @GoogleStadia
or visit stadia.com.

100 thoughts on “What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

  1. Anmie King Post author

    Stadia remote looks like a Xbox controller and a p4 controller combined

  2. plagosus Post author

    Works pretty well in Europe (Berlin, Germany) on fiber optic connection.

  3. Senior Ricketts Post author

    Im surprised at how less dislikes are here
    Are they deleting them ?

  4. Saheem Al-hamid Post author

    This is what you here every time you see a stadia ad staaaaadiaaaa

  5. Anton Anderson Post author

    Can you get multiple controllers without buying multiple subscriptions?

  6. Triparadise Post author

    Do not buy, only four games available in the Pro version.

  7. XDGames Post author

    What if u already own games on ur xbox can u play them on ur phone?

  8. aeon lincoln Post author

    I know Stadia has pretty much failed, but I'm not mad, and I don't understand the hyped hatred.
    I'm actually happy they tried, but I think we are not ready for this technology yet.

  9. TheDoughyBoy Post author

    Neat idea, not paying for games on any launcher other than Steam though.

  10. Anthony Rivelli Post author

    I have a laptop that can’t even run fortnite so how is it going to run this

  11. Heat Man [DWN-015] Post author

    “Your just a click away from playing with your friends”

    Now which one of them is gonna buy this?

  12. Ceaseless Gunner Post author

    Imagine you have a Logitech wheel, pedals, stick shift and a stand to put that all together. But you now have stadia and they’re claiming that it doesn’t take up any space.

  13. [Insert meme here] Post author

    Sooo it's the Nintendo switch without botw, Odyssey, or smash?

  14. alisa231 Post author

    hah. this video is proof that Google's Stadia already failed.

  15. Prinz Eugen Post author

    I like how this solves nothing essentially. Especially at 1:06 where you switch from a TV to a LITERAL COMPUTER. Just amazes me

  16. Krad Wolf Post author

    So is this gonna cross console or does my group gotta go somewhere else?

  17. Cute Cloudy Post author

    How can a console change the visual effects of a game!
    If the game is made by a totally different company

  18. SirKeith Vincent Post author

    I'm old school by sticking with consoles however .. this is interesting though. Maybe a must try.

  19. Alex Gaming Post author

    Stadia is a scam. I pre-order for the Night Blue controller and never got the controoler

  20. Popcorn Night Post author

    When they don’t turn off the comments

    WhY dOeS tHIs ExiST

  21. FineCarpa Post author

    Umm.. So, does this mean offline play will be impossible…?

  22. ʜᴇʟᴘ ʜᴇᴘʟ ʜᴇʟᴇᴘ ʜᴇᴘᴘ Post author

    ok i didn't know exactly what stadia was at first but i will admit that is pretty cool

  23. Not Present Post author

    "Unlike other consoles, Stadia takes up no space in the trash."

  24. common sense Post author

    I want this idea to actually work. But so many issues going on with it that need to be fixed before I would even try it.

    1. The most important thing is I would have to know they won't be exiting the market and taking my whole library with them.

    2. Pricing on old games at full price is unacceptable.

    3. Make an option to download for offline play. Netflix has it why can't you?

    4. Fix performance issues.

    5. New games need to be seen released to the platform day 1 same as others.

    6. Next gen is coming. Your platform's performance can't even compete with current gen. Fix this quickly.

    7. If you can't make offline play possible make it so it can work with LTE data connections. Otherwise it's not truly gaming anywhere anytime.

  25. Nadia Keaton Post author

    woww this is soo cool ive heard about this for a while but ive never really understood it

  26. Joseph Losper Post author

    Why is there no way to purchase stadia pro alone? I dont want to buy a chromecast ultra and a controller I just want the subscription?

  27. Dustin Pesl Post author

    so does this have all of the games that steam has like csgo or rust just wondering and if they do can i link my steam account

  28. Andrew Leonard Post author

    well here is your flaw if your running a game elsewhere and broadcasting the video to a tv the latency would be a terrible experience unless there is some magic connection that has instant video over vast distances… still what a huge waste of money because no one will buy this.. and please stop spamming adds its really annoying or at least make your add less cringy.

  29. Kvng Swift Post author

    Did anybody else come here because of the numerous ads from stadia😂

  30. VeryWeird XboxPlayer Post author

    I heard that the premiere edition comes with a 3 month subscription. Is that true?

  31. raiderskull75 Post author

    Could consoles take a big hit if stadia were to be successful….. makes you wonder about these bad reviews…… hmmmm?

  32. Rob Os Post author

    Actually… Stadia was a mistake you just made, and mistakes are for LEARNING

  33. juan contreras Post author

    Tbh im just here to read the comments on how this thing flopped

  34. The Legion Post author

    I love the concept, however. It does sort of seem complicated when i try to think on how this could possibly work, and dont want to risk trying it wasting money.

  35. Cole Beasley Post author

    I really, really want to like this and for this to actually be functional
    I really want to

  36. L KY Post author

    Yea , if you can standardized the ping of players all over the world, but i guess not.

  37. CONTEMN Post author

    you can screencast it to a bathrooms mirror using imagination. this will be stadia (stage) 3 of dementia. wow how amazing

  38. Michael Dufur Post author

    HERE IS HOW A PLAYSTATION 4 WORKS: You plug in the HDMI cable to the back of the TV and than you plug in power cord in the power outlet and that's it. You created this complicated mess and nobody wants to take out your own trash.


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