What is SSL & Why SSL is Important? | SSL Certificate

By | August 31, 2019

What is SSL Certificate and why do we need
one if I have an online business? Well, This is one of the most frequently asked
questions from my clients and Today in this video, I am going to explain why SSL is important. Hi, My name is Rashmi Batham and I am an SEO
Manager at Xugar Design. Alright, so let’s talk about SSL. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Technically, SSL can be defined as a ‘cryptographic
protocol’ that provides secure communication between a web browser and a server. SSL certificates are widely used in websites,
mobile apps, emails, fax, messaging, and many more. Generally speaking, an SSL is the most common
type of secure connection that almost everyone use who owns a business online. While browsing on the Internet, you may have
noticed that some sites say HTTPS while some say HTTP. You may have wondered what’s the difference
between the two. Well, an SSL certificate is the difference. The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for security. An SSL certificate secures the communication
between your computers and smartphone and also the web server of an HTTPS-enabled website. Let’s consider an example: Bunny’s art
shop is an online Art stationery website. Bunny’s shop have their website ready with
domain, hosting, and design and they are ready to sell their products online. But now, they need security to provide their
customers a safe and secure shopping environment. In order to do this, Bunny’s art shop needs
to purchase an SSL certificate, which is an online Id card which can be purchase from
an authorised web service provider. These organisations cross verify the assure
identity, check references and research company. Additionally, they encrypt the data coming
to and from the website by keeping it secure from outsiders. Now let’s say Tom an online shopper name,
want to buy a set of crayon from bunny’s art shop. There are generally two types of computers
involved in this transaction. The server hosting Bunny’s art website and
the computer Tom is using to shop from. Tom’s computer connect with the server which
in between verify the identity with the SSL certificate. Once the secure connection is setup, both
servers do the handshake and the transaction is safe to proceed. In this way, when you do the online purchase,
your personal information is encrypted over the SSL and decrypted only to the intended
person’s server. I hope, now you know what is SSL and why it
is important to have one. If you have any questions, please leave a
comment below and we will get to answering them as soon as possible. Thanks for watching this video and make sure
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