What is SEO? | Search Engine Optimisation For You To Rank #1 on Google

By | August 21, 2019

Nearly 3 point 2 billion searches are made
on google every single day. Out of these searches, a lot of people might
be looking for your products and services. So before we talk about how SEO can help you,
let’s talk about what SEO is. As an example, when you search for a locksmith,
you get a full page of companies that may help you with your problem. On the top you get the ads, then your
local map results, followed by organic results and then ads again at the bottom. SEO helps you optimise your reach for the
local maps and the organic results. Research shows that conversions are 8 times
more likely to occur from these sections compared to paid ads. Usually cost of SEO starts with a low return
on investment. However, the amount of return your receive
from SEO is a lot higher than other digital marketing strategies. SEO is a long term strategy. The break even time should range in between
1 to 3 months. From there, everything should be a contribution
to increase your bottom line. To understand how SEO can help your business,
contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.

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