What is SEO Marketing?

By | October 1, 2019

As a business, you have a message you want
to get out to people online, which, ultimately, is “buy my stuff.” That’s your mission, that’s why you put
up a website and a Facebook page and you place ads and send out emails. It’s what marketers live for! But Google is the central player in helping
you fulfill your mission because you have to go through them, if you want to be found
in all the right web searches, and Google has a different mission than you do. Google’s mission is to help people find
accurate information as quickly as possible when they search for it, without being tricked
into visiting web pages that don’t actually have the answers they’re looking for. Google is really good at this, and you really
can’t cheat, so the key is to get your message online in ways that also help Google fulfill
its mission. If you’re selling automotive products, post
tutorial videos that show people how to do tasks related to your products—even peripherally
related. If you sell barbecue tools, write blog posts
that teach people how barbecue better. These techniques work in every industry, and
you’ll get the additional benefit of showing people that you’re an expert on something
they want to know about, which adds credibility to your company when they’re ready to buy. And the key to all of this is making sure
the words you use—on your web pages, in your blog posts, in your video descriptions—are
the words your potential customers are actually typing into Google when they’re looking for information
related to your product or service. They’re called key words. That’s why I said it’s the “key” to
all of this. You’re finding that common ground that optimizes your content to match up with Google—the search engine’s—mission. Search Engine Optimization. SEO. It’s here to stay, and it’s an important
part of putting your brand in action online. Call if we can help. That’s our mission.

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