What is SEO and why is it important to your business?

By | August 14, 2019

– So what is SEO? (clicking) Search engine optimization, SEO, is, traditionally a lot of people think of it as smoke and mirrors. They’re like, “Oh,
there’s some mystical art “and magic that’s
occurring that these people “do on my website and stuff in order “to get me increased visibility on Google “so I can get closer to that first page.” But thinking about it,
there’s two forms of SEO that you need to be aware of. There’s paid, which is
actually getting people there, and organic, which is what you
earn over a period of time. Most people only use organic SEO. So they make some
changes to their website, they fix some framework stuff. They pull up under the hood of their car and they tweak the engine,
and they get the things humming and purring real good. But then they stop. The problem there is that
Google is watching your website for over 200 different
metrics of all these things that come into the Google secret sauce in order to help you
rank above other people so they feel your website has the answer to the question that people ask in Google. So if you go and do that, yes, there are some
things that you should do to increase your organic positioning. Absolutely. Organic positioning is
important to increase your rank. But we feel that for
immediate short-term gain, and also to complement
your organic efforts, you should consider PPC, Pay Per Click. It’s a form of paid
advertising that you can do on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course the entire Google ecosystem, which is Google AdWords and YouTube ads. On that note, you have to
have some good solid pieces of content that you want to pitch. Do not put up big signs and do advertising that says, “Me, me, me! “Come and buy from me! “We’re awesome!” That’s not what people are searching for. They’re searching for answers. They have certain pain
points, they have problems, and they want to be
able to find the answer they feel is gonna satisfy that. Let’s face it, why do you have a website? Your website needs to be
about providing answers and providing solutions to
what people are searching for. That is the key. Because honestly, people are looking for answers to their questions. The question for most people
is “Why have a website?” Well, it’s because I want to have my phone ringing a little more. I’d like to have more customers. I’d like to sell more widgets. That is the reason that
they have a website. If you think of it in that terms, maybe there’s some aspects of your website that you can promote using paid search to augment and enhance the exposure and brand awareness that you
have for your online reach. It doesn’t need to cost much. But you should have somebody
manage that for you. There’s another acronym
I’m gonna throw your way, which is the Search Engine
Management aspect, SEM, which is where somebody is
looking after your accounts, your Google AdWords, your Facebook ads, or whatever it might be,
and making little campaigns. So it might be a picture of something, and some piece of content and an answer, to again, establish yourself
as an authority in that space. Be aware when you’re looking at SEO, it’s not a one-time thing. It’s not something that
you just go and pay some guy overseas a few hundred dollars and it’s magically gonna bring
your website on page one. No. In fact, it takes a lot of ongoing effort. This is where I challenge
you to go and evaluate how much money are you
actually spending each month on your marketing, and
what percentage of that is of your sales, and is it appropriate? Like you keep saying that
your website is failing and social media is not worth it and the return on investment is not great. But what are you actually spending on it, and are you spending a monthly
recurring amount on that? Perhaps you would like to
consider engaging the services of some other company, such as ours, in order to augment your marketing efforts and be part of your online marketing team, because we have all of
these different people with different skill
sets that can assist you in the different areas, whether
it’s the social networks, video creation, website
development and design, corporate branding,
whatever that looks like. You don’t have to hire
dedicated full-time resources to satisfy that in house. You can go out and make that part of your monthly marketing budget in order to have people be an extension of your team and your efforts.

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