What is SEO and How Does it Work in 2019?

By | August 16, 2019

What if I asked you, where can I get a pizza? Most of you would know where to go. But what if I asked you, where can I find
cars to rent and at what cost? This is a more complicated questions and you
would pull out your phone out of your pocket and start Googling. In fact, we handle most of these questions
by using Search Engines and Google accounts for a huge bulk of searches across the world. Naturally, I’ve come to believe the top
results that Google feeds me are the ones that are most relevant and accurate. And this is true because users keep coming
to use Google. In fact, I wouldn’t even scroll past the
first page of Google where top 5 results in Google Search Engine Results Page (or called
SERP in SEO) get 89% of the clicks for any search query. So you get my point where I’m going with
SEO and why it’s so important for you, your website and your business. Being to rank on Google from SEO is often
the make-or-break for a business and obviously the ones which get discovered, are the ones
that reap the most benefits, such as free organic traffic, lots of leads and sales if
you’re running an-ecommerce So before we dive into the popular SEO techniques,
what is SEO? It is the process of optimizing your content
and your website in such a way that search engines show it as the top result for searches
of a certain keyword. This is technical, but let me explain further:
I used to write a blog on Digital Marketing. So my objective is to focus my content around
the keyword ‘Digital Marketing’ and make sure that Google displays my blog at the top
of search results whenever somebody searches for Digital Marketing. This is the whole purpose of SEO – to outrank
your competitors and make sure that you’re getting more traffic than them. I also want to tell you WHY Google focuses
so much on quality content and SEO. It’s because of its business model. If Google doesn’t provide the best results,
searchers will not return to use its search engines which leads to a decrease in their
ad revenue which Google profits from. So it’s that simple. Increase the number of visitors to your website
by providing the best results, and it’s a win-win situation for Google, the searcher
and your website. To understand how to use SEO to boost your
rankings, you need to understand how Search works. While Google has not and will not reveal its
algorithm, there are numerous professionals out there, such as Neil Patel and Backlinko,
who did a great job of compiling as many SEO ranking factors as possible and highlighting
the important factors. Even in the world of SEO, everything has a
dark and a bright side to it. SEO is not different where there’s using
: Blackhat SEO which is using questionable and
unethical practices to get fast results And there’s Whitehat SEO which is doing
things the right way. We will be talking about Whitehat SEO because
while Black hat SEO can help you traffic for days or even weeks, Google’s algorithm will
eventually find out because it has gotten better over the years at detecting spammy
pages. When this happens, Google’s bots will stop
crawling your web page and you will see your traffic drop drastically, and your actions
may even get your website de-indexed – which is the same thing as being kicked out of school. Within Whitehat SEO, there are 3 categories
of SEO: Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO
On-page SEO deals with the things which you control and can do to your pages such as headlines,
keyword oriented content and website structure. Off-page SEO deals with the factors which
are not exactly under your control such as Social Media shares and backlinking strategies. You can’t just do one of these methods because
you have to get both of them right in order to do well in SEO. Let’s say you have the best content writers
in the world and you are publishing one article a day. But, somehow it doesn’t get shared on social
media (off-page SEO) or other people are just not linking to your website, this essentially
means people are unable to discover your content. Even having the best content in the world
will not get you to the top position on Google. Now it may be clear to you that both on-page
SEO and off-page SEO have to be done simultaneously to be at the top of the SERPs. Also, we should not forget about Technical
SEO which is all about making sure your website’s code is optimised such that search engines
bots can easily crawl and index the pages on your website. Most of the time, Technical SEO is all about
fixing errors that appear in your Google Search Console and improving your page speed. Technical SEO is all about:
Improving your pagespeed where you can go to Google Pagespeed Insights to check your
website’s loading speed . Other Technical SEO issues to fix usually
involve compressing and minifying your website’s code so that your website can load faster;
checking for broken links; canonicalisation and hreflang tags, and making sure that your
website does not have any broken pages or pages that have thin content. If you want a detailed tutorial on technical
SEO, consider checking out our SEO Masterclass online course where you can fix 10 technical
SEO issues in just 2 days under the Technical SEO module. The link is in the description so do check
it out. Now that you’ve basic understanding of SEO,
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