What is Pagerank and how can you find yours?

By | December 9, 2019

Of course you know what you think of
your website. But what does Google think of your website?
Let’s get started.It’s a windy day here in Santa Monica
Beach Calif; that’s just outside Los Angeles. Now of
course you know what you think your website, but what does Google think your website? I’m gonna
show you how you can find out for free. But first I want to give you a definition of Pagerank. Pagerank is named after Google’s Larry
Page. The most important element of Pagerank is the number and quality other web sites linking to your website. So the more web sites on the same topic
as your site, linking back to your site the higher your page rank is likely to
be. Of course, in the real internet there are a number of other elements that Google takes into
account; but basically that’s all there is to it. In a few minutes I’m going to tell you
how you can have a full evaluation of your website done.
But first let’s go find some free software so you can find your Google Pagerank.
The process of installing a extension is very simple. We’ll go to the browser and
search for Pagerank. As you can see we will
have several free options to choose from. Install the one you like best and that’s
all there is to it. Now, let’s go to Chrome and do the same
thing. We will search for Pagerank and pick the one
we like best and install it. Notice by the way, some
have higher reviews than others. Sense they are all free let’s pick
the best one. I hope that was easy to follow and
you’ve been able to install your extension. Now, let’s go look at some web-sites. You’ll you find most small tourism-related
businesses rank between a two and a four on Pagerank. Here is
WonderWorks. I believe they have four locations the one
in Orlando has a page rank of four. One of the largest hotels in the Bahamas has a Pagerank of five. SeaWorld, San Diego I would classify is a major tourist destination, they have
a Pagerank and six. Just to see what it big Pagerank looks
like; Facebook, as you would expect, has a page rank of nine. On the other hand, the only ten I believe that I have ever seen, comes
from Twitter. Which is a little bit surprising; you
would have thought Google would have reserved that particular
honored for themselves. Obviously, next your gonna wanna go see
all of your competitors web sites and how they rank. But if you have a question: why did
Google rank you the way they did? Please let me know. For
thirty- five dollars I can do a complete web
site evaluation, and tell you everything about your backlinks
and why Google arrived at the number they arrived for your
Pagerank. Guys, if you learned anything please
subscribe and you can contact me right here, if you’d like to get that website
evaluation. I’ll talk to you next time take care…

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