What Is Local SEO? | How You Can Get Your Business Ranking in Local Searches

By | November 21, 2019

Hi my name is Nate Walter, and I’m a
member of the Web Strategy team here at WebpageFX. Today, we are going to be
talking about local SEO and helping you determine which local SEO strategy is
the best fit for your business. This video is designed to answer a number of
questions including, what is local SEO, how does local SEO work, and what local
SEO strategy is the best fit for me. If you’d like to speak to one of our team
members before we go through the details please feel free to give us a call at
the number in the header. So to get things started, what is local SEO? Local
SEO is the process of adding your business name, location address, and phone
number to your website, third party directories, and online review sites. One
of the most popular local SEO outlets is Google my business. Using your Google my
business listing, you can add information about your business location to the
world’s most powerful and popular search engine. This listing also allows you to
provide information that your customers will find useful, making it easier to
find the information that they need fast. Local SEO results are displayed a little
differently from standard search results. For example, Google my business may
feature your company on a sidebar of the search results. This displays images of
your business location, your hours of operation, and even provide directions to
your physical location. Google may also feature your business in the map
listings at the top of the search page. These listings will display information
about your business, as well as the information of some of your competitors.
These map results look great on mobile devices and as more and more searchers
are using their phones to find local businesses, the more valuable this
additional real estate becomes. So how does local SEO work? When an individual
is looking for a local business or service, search engines pull information
from a number of different online properties to determine which businesses
to feature. A few of these properties include Google my business, Yelp, Yandex,
and Yellow Pages. A completed listing on one of these sites is called a local
citation, and it provides all the information someone would need to get in
contact with your company. Of the four outlets I mentioned above, all reputable
companies, but beware if you go out looking for local SEO outlets on your
own. Although most citations provide value
for your business, some outlets use a number of
unsavory tactics to force businesses into paying a monthly subscription fee.
Once you’re listed on these directories the likelihood of your business being
featured in these local results will increase. In addition to local citations
search engines also take a look at the quality and the quantity of reviews that
your business has, so it’s important to have a great relationship with your
customers. So how does local SEO impact your business? Not only does local SEO
provide valuable exposure for your brand, but it also organizes the information
that your customers find useful. So you may be asking yourself, “Wow this seems pretty
simple. Why can’t I do that?”, and in reality you could do this, and
you’re correct it is a simple process. But overall the process of creating
these citations and updating this information is pretty time-consuming. And
that’s where our industry expertise comes into play. We have a team of local
SEO experts with the knowledge to help you implement these pieces so you and your
team can focus on the operations that will help you grow your business. So what
local SEO strategy works best for me and my business?
well here at WebpageFX we understand that there is no
one-size-fits-all solution for any digital marketing strategy. There’s a
number of different factors that we evaluate when determining which strategy
is going to be the most effective. For local SEO, we take a look at the number
of locations that your business has. We take a look at the industry that your
business is in, and the competitiveness of the space that you’re looking to get
more exposure for. Evaluating all these different factors will help us put
together a customized strategy, but if you’d like to get a good idea of what
some of those different strategies look like, feel free to look at the
information below. Again we want to make sure that we’re putting together a
customized campaign, so I encourage you to reach out over the phone to speak to
us directly. The number for our team is located in the header above but there’s
also a link to the contact form at the end of this video. So thanks so much for
stopping by! I hope this was very helpful, and have a great day!

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