What is International SEO? | Ask Bartosz Anything

By | November 15, 2019

You need international SEO when you’re
targeting more than one market. It may be an obvious statement, but it gets quite complicated. If you’re in Germany, but all of a sudden you want to start selling to the French as well, or Poland for that matter,
you need to translate your website. This creates a difficult scenario when one of your
products — let’s say you’re selling blue widgets. It’s available in German, Polish
and French, and you need to let search engines know that these are the same product from
the same company — your website — and it’s available to those three markets.
The goal is to avoid the issue where people are gonna look for blue widgets in France and
they’re gonna find your German version. It may sound like something that
search engines can do by themselves, but you would be surprised with some of the
technical lingo. Even for people sometimes it’s just with specification
that’s usually in English and even for like a product we were buying here in
Poland and — it’s difficult for search engines to figure this out. So
you do a lot of code markup and let search engines know which version is
English, which version is German, and which version is Polish.

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