What Is Facebook Advertising And How Can You Advertise on Facebook

By | August 27, 2019

– What is Facebook Advertising? And how can you advertise on Facebook? Hi, my name’s Chad Nelson with
Champion Online Marketing. Because Facebook owns Instagram. So I’m gonna use the word Facebook, but everything I’m talking about you can do on Facebook and Instagram. So there’s two top ways, or two top ways that you’ve narrowed down
where your ads are gonna show and who they’re gonna show in front of. Number one is geographic targeting. So if you’re a local business
and all of your customers come within one mile, excuse
me, 10 miles of your business, you can literally show ads only within a 10-mile radius
around your business. Or, for example, let’s just
say you’re a real estate agent in a large metropolitan area, and you have a variety of
different zip codes around town that you sell homes in, you can
target just those zip codes. The second part of this equation is gonna be your demographics. So you can target by gender, age, and then you can get into some things like interests or job title. So it’s very powerful on how you can target people geographically
and demographically. One tip I will throw out on Facebook Ads is it’s very visual. So there’s something called ad fatigue. So you wanna make sure
that you’re switching up your images, videos, and/or
offers on a regular basis, especially when you
start to see a drop off in the response rates and the
effectiveness of your ads. To learn more about this
feel free to contact us or you can also get a free checklist on our top ways for local businesses to get more business from the internet by visiting championonlinemarketing/local.

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