what is an iframe? Do iFrames hurt or help in SEO of Websites? | IT Ki Dunya

By | February 4, 2020

Greetings Friends, Today I want to explain basically related to iFrames. Can iframes be helpful in SEO? of any website which we use on the website. First of all, I will tell you, What are iFrames? and after Can it be helpful in SEO? Friends who did not subscribe to the channel Please Subscribe it and press the Bell So, Friends, Here you can see I have made a slide related to iFrame. An iFrame is used to display a web page within a web page here is syntax or code for the iframe tag. you can replace your URL here. you can see here IFrame is given here. It has a page attached inside a page These are basically Frames. and you can see, Google and search engines could not crawl content in iFrames. while users could see the content, bots don’t able to access it and so it couldn’t index the content in the iFrame to improve SEO rankings. Guys, you can I’m sharing a simple example before you. sometimes you use your youtube videos after embed on your website, there is also an iframe tag. Some things are like this Videos are very important As such, there is an ad to show on the property’s website. if you use this no problem. But, it’s not helpful in rankings Like you have seen that Google or any other search engine does not crawl and index Until that index will be updated So for rankings, it’s not helpful. but you can use them for users’ facilitation. but try Less use. it can affect badly your website load time. So, Take care of it. when you are talking about speed optimization it should be in front of you. I hope you guys like the video. Like and Share with your friends. comment below your all problems I will try to solve your problems in upcoming videos See you soon with a new video, Till then. Bye

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