What is alt and header tag optimization how to solve wordpress site 2018

By | November 12, 2019

What is alt and header tag optimization how to solve wordpress site 2018 I’m discussed two things one is called. What is all that second will be. What is the header tag? Why we can use it for these two options for the purpose of we can use it for is to option. So All think is means in your website. We can using four in number of images Each email you can given particular name That is called all time suppose if I am go to a boat This is my image about procure properties and view for a body’s option if you come into your Pages I’m looking for a boat So, what does this image name? Able to put your properties how to Lincoln is based on the all thing each image You can give the name call or death where you can view the whole tag name that is called alternative text by coming to your page You can serve to your image here With this image when it click here Every image in a while side option is called all texts. All the all text will be about your book to your properties In the image because I think for which one you are Altered for the title tag will be there reading form. Alta will be here Clear this is four. So coming to you I’m going to post What is there now click on edit Probably Selected clip for a rich Paul I’ll text you know how to return is they taught her your file sinfully and select it? Any imaged in beacon idea will be to wish him a name underscore Your website name He made him underscore your web Shannon picked for a bitch So the image name you considered by ID This image will also fun this domain name if anyone searching for in this title Our you may we’ll be showing for weight on search engine with marketing using firm SEO off page We are using for SEO off bitch So they come into your router marketing for using is your big just doing even specific name for? that particular website images come into here just I am get here go to services So this time open We’ve come into image So this image is villain SuperBot name There did You So in here we can find out his name This called image the ma will arrive for two ways one is totally clear writing for all name So you’ll be seen for adding for update once up did here nope it for the fish Any username will show you your name know what I mean – the fish Previous is not showing for any name or coming to you In this one they fix for one particular name Just say we made us For showing front hook your Properties in the previous already for name is go look your property when the email name will be same like that They showing for put your properties Any emails they be riding for we’re in your back and off in a chip an image click click for edits add your name so, this is Paul had your name for particular WordPress website the purpose of email highlight on your Google search engine if not promoting for using SEO off page You may opt mission purpose but not adding for image name They can’t promote using for SEO off page you’re using ball image optimization Each website your particular images you can using one particular name is pearl Alternative takes that is for all tab If you were asking for what is mean by all the new text and all that both are same Any website each image we can give one particular name For search engine understanding power purse that is called Alter need to taste. What is mean by I think how to user name? First of all email name understood your domain name so easily the domain recognize your image deep huh search engine So clear this is for altered next one In this I’m using for some options for this is 1 2 3 BHK classify main house in Willis first sale suppose in this one Is h1 or it’s Troy? It’s P is my question But is path heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 We do so many things that Is called at that tag in a total website where headings will be using only for one time. That is your domain name are Your keyword name. So this is pop you’re heading In this one what is caught by d3 Just recognizing for I’m looking for a bitch Romanians. Are there one is s2 second will be extreme, but In your total website you can using H what that means only for one time that this car can use it for? only for your domain name so Just copy this URL The option call is you can using for checking for tool purpose I Whipped shh kit.com. I Will say scrotum how my h1, I will use how many h1 tell you will be not used. How many males? Alt I will be missing this is all information given by D I will CH k dot copy your click analyze Thank you the completely put from your website 18 tax how many you can use if you using Phi Delta more than one will be? One that is forever. What am I scored sixty four point three? visit code will be 60 plus four is a distress code for your website optimized purpose scroll not Here will missing for this option. What is birth of your facebook business add your Twitter Who will bless? the traffic that so number of email 8 Let me sing for how many alpha will missing food now click Check the image copy Image Paycheck easily by mission Where a future you may have missing for all that Second You You You check for all that we see and how many you can using for that. I was just You This one So simple embeds is not So totally not find out so they can’t find anything. Yes. So clear so you can check me for everything. Where is it? That will be content upload mas Z put W – and deduction go to check firm WP – content Would upload image using for your names next one How much here? H wonder how much attacks are there? X Y is a zero there showing for ever so simple here Where you can using for h1 tag? Select for the h1 tag use for h1 tag option. So base a Requirement in talk to the you a dollar per how do I shut dad on your site? These are very very important on your websites So right now oh, my dog is a 0 H 2 will be 7 s 3 will be 10 H 4 is a zero Hy is a 0 s 6 will be 0 when using for adding tags, they count will be this mode That is called a lien for h1 hand. So see this H1z1 structure using for your particular site, but optimize your website for us

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