What happens with “Engineer BrunS” Youtube channel? (English subtitles)

By | September 7, 2019

Hello! I’m Andriy, Engineer
Bruns channel. After the last videos about the Steering Wheel Spinner Knob ​​and the Flash drive, you have a lot of questions And I think we need to talk about what is happening on the channel The most popular question from you in the comments is: “When will be the next project ?” You are understand that new project – is laborious task. and same time I need to make money for my family and some other things Same time our workshop have a lot of job In this situation a large part of interesting orders we make without filming That’s why we
decided to become a little closer to YouTube And the most interesting orders upload to the channel They
will be in the format of short versions, without a plot And the main plus of such videos in
that they will not increase the intervals between large projects Because shooting and editing will take one-two days Do not expect in such videos
something special: these will be quite simple things, but of course
I’ll try not to clog the channel And one more thing: because
we will spend more time for youtube little more advertising will appear on the channel This will allow us to increase the budget for filming main creative projects. Thanks for waiting and watching. Bye!

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