What do you do when your Rankings are Stuck? What next can you do?

By | October 18, 2019

Okay, so what you do when you don’t know
what to do. So, what do I mean out there – In SEO, many
a times when you are ranking, when you are trying to rank for a very very competitive
term and I know many of us are super optimistic, atleast I am in that we always go for bigger
terms even though experience has taught us to be wiser and try to go for much less competitive
terms. But we being who we are, we will always go
for the best. So, I will give you a practical example – Like
in Mondovo our team, we are aspiring to rank for predominantly the bigger terms like SEO
tool, SEO toolset. Even though we’re a relatively new toolset
and I have to be practical that the competition out there is in tense. So, like my team was stuck for a while that
okay what do we do next? If it’s going to take time, what should
we do next? I am sure many of you out there can we stuck
on a problem where you don’t know what else can you do in terms of SEO. Ofcourse, you can target – focus on the
long tail, create content, go the traditional route – focus on other terms. But sometimes there is a smarter way to acquire
not only relevant traffic but also built on top of your competing brands. So I will give you an example of what we did. So, if you go to the bottom of Mondovo at
the footer of our site, you will find a section call SEO Tools Comparison and there we have
actually you will see that we have created the multiple pages where we have compared
ourselves versus each of our competitors with their brand name. And now that was an SEO hack. Essentially we could not rank for SEO tools
but we knew that these same tools were actually ranking for those words which we wanted to
target. And we knew that our consumers, our potential
users were searching for those tools by their brand names as well along with terms like
review, alternatives etc. So, we decided that okay why not try to rank
for those terms? So, if we could not attract the traffic for
people searching for SEO tools why not attract the traffic for people looking for those tools
by their brand name and looking for those tools reviews or their alternatives. So, essentially we created a review and an
alternative page for each of our competing brands. And what’s interesting note is that actually
over the last 45 days or so we have acquired about 25 to 30 leads I think. 25 to 30 leads in just a short span of time
from not much effort. So, whatever I propose out here sometimes
you have to think out of the box think what your user even though you targeting a term
which might be super competitive. See the brands that are ranking for those
terms and maybe people are also searching for those brands directly and they’re searching
for reviews of that brand or alternatives to that brand. So, maybe, can you create pages targeted towards
that brand? And trust me the competition might not be
that intense out there atleast not comparable to the main target term that you are going
after. So, it was a smarter way for us to acquire
easy traffic, it was an easy win for us. So, I think there is a huge opportunity if
you think outside the box. So SEO is all about being creative it’s
not only about doing keyword research if you have done keyword research we may or may not
have found this opportunity. But this is about thinking about our consumers,
what he would search for, so sometimes you have to go down that line of thought. So don’t restrict yourself to just thinking
okay this is what people are searching for, this is the search volume go beyond that,
think about your user, think about which products he is using, think about how he could be searching,
how you would search if you were in his position. So keep that in mind and be smart about it.

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