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By | August 5, 2019

what the SEO companies actually do in
this video I’m gonna talk a little bit about how SEO companies have changed or
what they’re doing has changed and for a business how that’s impacted you and
then also more importantly in the back end of this video I’m gonna talk a
little bit about what we’re doing nowadays for SEO and how we are making the
most of us you know in our company so that going forwards you’re having a
positive impact it’s something that is relatively low cost or should be now in
the past with SEO a lot of companies we’re doing things like keyword stuffing
and this was when the Google algorithms when you might have heard about this
before the Google algorithms were very very primitive and you could get away
with plugging in your keyword about a thousand times on every page and that
would allow you to rank on top or putting it on a white background and
white text so the user actually couldn’t see it but the search engines were working
just allowing you to rank up and up and up and nowadays that just doesn’t work
you do any of that sort of stuff try and cheat the system
Google smarter than you are smart we are and it’s gonna penalize you and it’s
just not going to work for you and then you went through this phase where and
this is what we picked up things and we first work with an external companies this is
going back a few years now where people are offering to write you articles and
do all these SEO services doing the meta tags etc etc and it’s just a very low
grade performance it’s two or three hundred word articles just with the
keywords in there to rank you quickly so that you’re going to get tons of organic
traffic and it doesn’t really come and come to any real substance when you
actually look at the results now this is really important because a lot of
companies especially the more bloated ones are still going to be charging you
for these sorts of services charging you for doing the meta descriptions and all
these other sorts of things he should come under the banner of SEO
services and don’t have as much value really as they’re given when presented
in a bit a sort of a financial proposal there’s a lot of sort of buzzwords etc
that get used in this industry especially when it comes to SEO because
if you’re not particularly up to speed with how things are going
it sounds really impressive and you can get drawn in very easily and start
spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t really have a direct source
of revenue that you can attribute to the investment that you’ve spent now
bringing that forward to how we do things now it’s really about getting the
right content for your user and putting out good deep-dive content so the
patients in the case of us or customers or people that are
interested in your content have lots and lots to soak up that absorb and that
means for us we’re producing articles 800 to 1200 words in length were linking
them to videos we’ve got pictures on there which are relevant to the actual
article itself yes you’re doing all that nitty-gritty little background stuff
like the meta tags for of your posts but you need to be putting more
effort into each of those posts and not necessarily producing quite as many in
terms of volume but go deeper on a few really meaningful posts and topics and
keyword phrases that actually mean something is your business and will
provide value to your customers that’s really really important and the other
thing is understanding how does SEO fit into your business for us is something
that we invest in through time and energy and have a system set up so we
can get extremely efficiently and produce really really good quality stuff
that over time gets those organic rankings but it’s not something that we
rely on in any way shape or form in the short term medium term is something
that’ll pay dividends in a couple years time and we are
not deluded into thinking that it’s any other case than that and we focus again
on doing if you’ve seen any other videos you’ll understand this but
doing direct marketing pieces because the one unfortunate thing people will
picture about the importance of being the top of Google on the search engine
but nowadays the way in which google was integrated advertisements with the
search results nine times out of ten people just took a click on the top ad
and if you do if you do a Google search you do that right after watching this
video you’ll find that then hits the right sort of competitive market the
organic searches won’t even come up on the top of your actual phone you have to
scroll down to see the organic search as they blend in that well so don’t get
pulled into thinking organic is as important as maybe some people are
playing it out to be and also as powerful nowadays as what it used to be
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