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By | February 18, 2020

We are revealing the new website of
Planet Einstein today and we’re looking at Gustavo
Castillo — web actually his screen on his computer and I’m kind of off to the
side so welcome if we have not met yet I’m Jackee Schwartz and there is my
genius web builder wizard extraordinary Gustavo Castillo and Gustavo owns a
company let me let you tell them about your company goes yeah basically the
name of my company is I usually just use BAM GC but it stands for BAM graphics
consulting and I started off with graphics but I actually do all sorts of
digital marketing web development graphic design combination of social
media everything that kind of I guess helps you with internet marketing in
general internet marketing is his thing it is his passion and Gustavo is also
one of us who has to have things perfect in an imperfect world is that right but
yeah and I like to have things right but sometimes it gets to be pretty stressful
sometimes you just gotta go with it and actually that’s kind of where we are now
it is like 99.99% done that right Gustavo yeah yeah I mean a web site from
my perspective is always change and actually that’s that’s a good thing for
the Internet as well absolutely the reason I wanted Gustavo to come on here
with me today obviously because he has done such an incredible job with this
but I also wanted you to know a lot of the reasons
why we did certain things and why Gustavo and he will share some of this
information with you so let’s just dive into it we’ll have a countdown and the
unveiling will now become official so you want to open it up for everybody to
see yeah technically the the countdown just ended I don’t know if you had known
it was coming down but so we are currently technically live and I’m gonna
actually refresh so that you guys can see this is actually Planet Einstein back
home the domain this is what was on while it was under construction yeah you
know right now if I every if i refresh the page yay drumroll there we are – oh
if you’re on here with us you are my co-star on my homepage so Dacia and I are
sitting there together I’m working with her on a one-to-one as we approach the
end of the course that she was taking she was in the game of digital marketing
which is my eight to ten week course and she is a star and a CPA you need any
help this tax season so anyway this all began with my vision and I’ve shared the
story with you I’m Jackee Schwartz by the way owner of Planet Einstein and it
began with this Pete and Gerry’s and I went to Gustavo after we’d known each
other maybe three years digitally but we still had never met once Gustavo got in
my group and we got to know each other I went Gustavo I need a website and I
said I have a vision for one I had found Pete and Jerry’s eggs so I came to
Gustavo with an idea but it was a very vague idea so tell them a little bit
about you heard me say I wanted guys well one
of the main things that I that I caught that you had said was that you wanted
the more human the business I forget exactly the quote you said with the
… how does it go the the most human company wins company wins so and
by the way I have that book so I’m actually – The Marketing rebellion yeah but um
so so that’s primarily what I heard you say and you like the idea that this was
moving that had a lot of motion and I had a lot of people so as I started
scrolling down you know from a technical standpoint this is something that I
totally you know saw that that I can put together for you sorry
and I remember you saying I can do this for you Jackee. yes at this point there’s a
lot there’s a lot of pictures a lot of images of products a lot of people the
personal touch to it and what’s the first thing you see you see movement you
know and and Gustavo had an idea that we could put the video behind the video
technically we aren’t going going into the how he made that magic happen but
again movement attracts the eye and what you want to do in your website is get
noticed so all you have to do and tell them how this works what what happens on
this particular point of the website Gustavo
well again the the idea was to try to make sure that we made it human and and
obviously brand you Jackie alright Planet Einstein is the business
but you really are the face of the business so we wanted to make sure that
you appeared first thing and this video was one that you already
so we just worked with what we had and I basically just made it to where to where
it loops in here and and it just serves as a background so you can’t hear this
I’m gonna play or anything but as soon as somebody’s ready to kind of advance
and proceed with with welcome to Planet Einstein digital and then obviously they
can posit at some point write down immediately right after that actually
the video in here talks about the PEDLL group so we wanted to make sure that
that was accessible here as well so if they’re not a member of the PEDLL group
now it will take them there and they can join so I’m trying to build the PEDLL
group and this helps me accomplish that so in in this very first experience with
my website we’ve accomplished three things already and actually one of the
other things we’ll talk about a little bit later but we’ve gotten their eyes to
notice because a movement we’ve given them a video to watch to explain what
this is all about so they won’t be confused and then we’ve taken them if
they want to go to the pedal group where they can join that for free so now let’s
move down and show them what comes next okay there you go that’s another quirky
little thing I actually have to make that it’s meant to when you scroll it’ll
actually appear but I didn’t realize that but now when you click on it it
takes you straight into the PEDLLl group and some of you signed in okay then work
remember it happens you know but for anybody else that’s on that’s on
Facebook that hasn’t joined yet then it’s gonna add this is gonna tell them
there’s a private group and they can request to alright see where it says
joined it if it’s a member if it’s not a member it will say join group and that
will give them a questions that they need to answer to join
the PEDLL group with us and then once I approve their request to join then they
are a member of the group so very good I love it I absolutely love it so back to
this other one and so as we scroll down then we immediately offer a gift for
that freebie a freebie you all have heard me preach about it needs to be
something of value but you also don’t want to give it away without the quid
pro quo I give you something you give me something so they fill this out then
what happens Gustavo at that point right now it’s set up to go to your your email
so you’ll have them you’ll see the the requests okay okay they get a freebie I
get a lead correct and then you have your list just a few things to try to
entice them to get it and as they continue to go on you get them to think
a little bit about themselves know that they understand what the purpose of your
website is exactly which profile describes you best and as a scroll –
three different basic types of people and you know basic and then we kind of
explain as far as what they are you know people that are just the funny thing is
that this is actually the most popular option but that standard which is they
have a vision they have a dream but they’re not really doing anything about
it and then in this case we’re trying to consider the pros somebody’s gonna take
action and move forward with with improving their business and obviously
in this case with this with his website we’re driving them to try to get the
course and I had one other purpose there – Gustavo and and I think you will agree
that we have a little humor you know it’s meant obvious
like nobody will take that – it won’t be offensive to anybody I want them to see
the humor in it but I also want them to see the truth in it so that was my goal
and I hope we accomplish that I think we did Gustavo yes so um you know and again
as they continue to scroll down this doesn’t give them any action but it
still gives them some visual you know that with the fact that when you hover
over this it’ll actually you know have movement as here just to keep their
attention and think let’s see what else I have so as you scroll down they say if
you consider yourself a pro then you’re gonna get started and it goes right out
do though there’s real course as you all probably know and this is the starter
course this is my low entry point meaning it’s a low fee and it it is full
of value actually I priced it out and it is actually about five hundred fifty
dollars worth of value for forty seven dollars plus the value you get for
finding up to a hundred or more new customers and this is interactive so
tell tell them or show them how this works Gustavo
so from here basically they’re just getting a quick little a quick little
you know idea of what this course is but when they actually click on the button
then at that point it actually takes them to currently right now you have a
landing page with kajabi we exactly which actually drives to your lead
generation and yes creates your your it it grows your list lane you have an
actual video explaining the course and all that and just information about the
course now eventually the idea is to put all of this inside of the website so
that you don’t have to use kajabi but as of right now this
the system you have set up so we had we didn’t try to reinvent the entire wheel
so and I love that about Gustavo that and he was able to use the content that
I had and it was a real collaboration and I contributed much of the content
and then he made the technical magic happen and contributed content as well
so and made it all look really gorgeous so let’s just quickly go through some of
the other parts because I don’t want to take too much of people’s time but go
back up to the menu and we’re still this is still a work in progress but this was
as you all know the feature that today’s woman magazine and again this is
interactive so show them that Gustavo yes so again and this this is really
here for credibility so again you’re giving people information about you and
it says obviously feature in today’s woman magazine so if they want to
actually see it for proof then you actually see the the document right
there this is the actual article from from the magazine itself very good and
then we have testimonials and I love this whisker stavos idea and I
absolutely love it and this aligns with my values and Gustavo’s values because I
know he believes this too and matters collaboration and helping each other
succeed so explain to them what you did here Gustavo and this touched my heart
well you actually already had these testimonials, so I was thinking well
how can I now use this better for the credibility sake and make it real so you
can put a picture in there and throw some kind of testimonial but in this
particular case I wanted to actually show people if they wanted to see that
these were real people yeah real people there’s Rick. Hi Rick
You can click on and go straight to this particular students page and every
single one of these will you to the individual person’s website and you can contact
them directly you can see that they’re real people absolutely. Connie doesn’t
have a website yet but she will and so Gustavo sent them to her facebook
business page and that works and then Rochelle I didn’t know that you had this
beautiful picture on here and actually Gustavo found it for us anyway so it
shows again that this is a real person and there’s actual YouTube video and
songs and all that kinda stuff so again just just pointing out that this is
these are real and then you go down and there’s some more testimonials that
Jackee already had so I just accentuated them a little bit and you can go there
to learn about their businesses if you click on those and you know Cora you
know she owns tap snap and Liana is an author of a couple of books and she has
an incredible website and a beautiful lady… that doesn’t hurt. Anyway let’s go back
up to the the tabs one of the things that we still actually we have a couple
of different tabs to still add and Max is gonna be our main blog writer so we will
be adding blogs to this Max’s a wonderful writer and I’m glad I’m
turning that job over to him but also what we’re going to cover courses next
and then we’ll wrap up yeah so in here basically just again the the main thing
is for credibility so they kind starts out with you know the digital
learning lab portion of it which is the courses right we’re playing it Einstein
then you can click on this and it’ll take you straight down to the courses
but we’re just gonna walk through basically what it what it’s doing so
this is just again some specific details about the in this case the benefits of
doing courses through Planet Einstein and just some kind of funny little
things there and this is I guess some kind of a I guess I quote that you guys
put together that was man I mean it’s a business is not so much fun to love and
not so easy to love when it’s not doing well but you can’t abandon it so the key
is start to love owning your business again by getting customers so that was
my message here right so as we keep going down again some more features of
Planet Einstein courses and again just some visual representation and then some
making sure that you’re gonna find some practical profitable techniques you’re
gonna learn about up-to-date content for digital marketing and you have real live
human interaction which is one of the things we were really pushing for with
the design of this website yes real people now to the to the courses so in
here again this is this is all using Kajabi which is again the the system
that Jackee already had in place for your courses when you click on each one
of these it’ll actually take you to the kajabi page that has all the information
about that course right and and the ability and it’s a sales page as well as
a sign up and pay page so this location actually gets you into the course so you
can start doing it and again we have the the testimonials
here so just re-emphasizing that there’s real people that have already gone
through this and have really benefited from it
absolutely then what we do page is the kind of just a brief well actually a
actual explanation of Planet Einstein business and again this is kind of
straight to the point talking about the business and then again showing well it
is also it could be subtitle to our story
you know our why why did we get into this and how did that happen so anyway
this is what you want your website to look like us and you want it interactive
you want it working for you so in just a couple of sentences Gustavo tell them
how this type website is gonna be working for me well really the biggest
the biggest portion of a website that it really makes makes it work 24/7 for you
is to have some kind of call to action or a multiple call to action yeah time
you don’t want people to bounce right off of your website but the reason I use
the word bounce is because Google actually has a terminology called bounce
rate and what ends up happening is if people go to a website and they don’t
see anything that they they like belt bounce away yeah you don’t want them to
leave your website so then the more interaction you have the more videos
that actually help people people help keep people on the website then those
are the types of things that you want you also want to make sure that you have
clear ways for them to contact you so I put up at the top we have the phone
number we have an email and we have a way for them to reach you through
through the social media and it’s also on the on the footer so you also have
information on here in case anybody’s interested in wants to reach me you can
actually click on this down here which takes you to my website let me you can
zoom by that let me do that again a little
more slowly cuz I want you to get some benefit from this to Gustavo
at the very bottom and I hope all of you will actually go look at the website in
person but down at the very bottom if you hover over by BAMGC that’s an
active link and it will take you directly to Gustavo’s website so that’s
how you can get in touch with him and I am deeply grateful or a wonderful job I
can’t thank Gustavo enough for his patience Gustavo wonderful job and all
of you who are here with us today if you’re not already in our PEDLL group
please join us if you have an interest in getting a website get in touch with
Gustavo and we showed you where to find his information on my website so go
visit Planet Einstein come finish going through it because we did it pretty
quickly and we thank you for sharing this experience with us
so Gustavo thank you I think though everybody that’s on there with us we
appreciate it and thank you and we’ll see you next Thursday on Facebook LIVE
and I have another special guest I’ll be telling you about so bye for now

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