WFSTAR Webpage Add to Cart Tutorial

By | January 21, 2020

This tutorial is intended to walk you through the WFSTAR website. We have different things on the homepage with the 2013 modules, the video, and then at the top of the page are the different sections. A good place to start is policy statements. Here it lists all the different agencies and their requirements for refresher training. There’s also a link for the red book and the blue book. So you can find yours before you get started? Next place to go is instructor qualifications. This provides tips for developing your program the documentation you need as a facilitator. Then it’s good to look all this over before you put your cadre together. There’s a links page that provides additional material for your refresher training. And we also would like to hear back from you so if you have any feedback for us, please shoot us an email and we will help you along with any comments or questions that you may have. The heart of this website is in the module library. On this page you can see the different categories of instructional modules. Select on a category on the category pages. You can preview the videos, we recommend not streaming. In this link here, if you click on that add the module to cart. Here’s your download cart and in the zipped file that comes that you’re downloading there’s a video facilitator guide and student workbook. You can then select different modules from different categories. Select another module. We recommend not going over 800 megabytes and these downloads take a lot of time so you want to be patient with that. But when you have selected the chunks that you want and click download, then save that compressed file to your computer. Again if you have any more questions, please shoot us an email and we will get back to you.

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