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By | August 20, 2019

Westchester SEO Hey how’s it going I want to talk to you real quick about Westchester Search engine optimization and why it matters to you Who am I? My name is Erik Wilhelmsson, and I’m the owner here at Digital Market Designs and we’re at a local marketing company
in westchester county So I know as local business owners you get
called probably six seven eight times a week bypeople who are willing to help
you with your search engine optimization for your business in both you and i know that everybody promises the world and
they’re willing to take your money but then will be will they actually deliver when
actually matters? So if i’m calling you on the phone and
I’m not in the local area well it’s really easy for me to just disappear and
take your money. So i want to bring this to your attention because we started
this company to bring honest ethical results to local businesses especially
to those here in westchester who are actually looking for search engine
optimization. So first I just wanted to introduce you to us
and I want to talk to you really quick about search engine optimization and why it
may be beneficial to you. Now for a lot of businesses it is
beneficial but there are some instances where search engine optimization is not
beneficial now tell you one that i can think of
right off the top of my head. For example if you have a lot of negative reviews online
and you decide to optimize your Westchester business to get down by everybody all you’re
doing is highlighting your business is to show off all those negative reviews So something you may want to think about
before doing seo When elses are not good for your business
well if your business doesn’t have a very good website. If you get ranked at the top of Google and you send all of this traffic there, and your website does not convert
your prospects, that’s not gonna help you at all. It’ll help the search engine company yet
because they get money but ultimately it doesn’t help you
because the company you hired is an expense instead of an investment. Y know i know a lot of local
business owners that don’t necessarily look at all these things before saying
yes to what they think they need. That’s one of the things that we do here we are just look at where you’re ranked in Google, we look at your overall marketing
program because everything works together So we want to make sure that all the pieces
are working together before we help you with your search engine optimization, because the worst disservice we can do
for you as a local business is to get your ranked number one with SEO and then not help you capture that traffic, not help you convert that traffic and ultimately not turn that traffic into money. That is a disservice to you So I want to just let you know that there’s a lot of reasons you should be looking at search engine optimization. There’s also a lot of things you need to consider before you actually make that dive and so that’s what we do here at Digital, is again, we’re a local company, and we meet with you face-to-face probably over a
cup of coffee. Really, we help you understand your online marketing efforts and help you put together plans and help you implement where you want help and help guide you where you don’t. So I want to introduce you to Digital Market Designs and let you know that we do do search engine
optimization but we do it in the right way and we
focus on what really helps you. Take care thanks for watching and be sure
to give us a call if you’d like for us to take a look at your site Westchester SEO

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