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By | August 12, 2019

a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in
Zurich, Switzerland. Our team works together
with lots of people here that are passionate
about Search. In this series of short
videos, the team and I will be answering your
webmaster and SEO questions. If you ever wanted to know
more about 404 errors, how and when crawling works,
about a site’s URL structure, or about duplicate
content, we’ll have something here for you. Drop by our Help Forum. And subscribe to our channel
for more tips and insights.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to SEO Snippets

  1. aritark Post author

    it'll be a great asset to have these short quasi-official snippets that i can send to my clients when they once again send me "seo reports" they get from "website optimizers" who still live in the past and need this kind of stuff debunked

  2. Terry Simmonds Post author

    I've seen red, light blue and black – Long way to go.

  3. Jay Holtslander Post author

    1. Will Google My Business be a data source for Google Data Studio anytime soon?
    2. Is Google doing anything about the situation detailed at #stopcraponthemap (Twitter)

  4. Amit Roy Post author

    Thanks a lot +GoogleWebmasters +JohnMuller … It was time when we started with "Matt Cutts" videos and used to wait for it every Wednesday. These would be much helpful for everyone in the community.

  5. Sumit Gupta Post author

    Guys need to know about page crawling – Our website has everything good url, interlinking, content, get updated daily – still we are struggling to get all our pages crawled, Only few of pages get crawled. If we are doing anything wrong or some technical problem, How we can get details about same? Can we get an clarity on this – A video regarding this will be really helpful for us.

  6. Subhash Jain Post author

    I agree with Vidak that it reminds us of Matt Cutts. Hey #MattCutts – we miss you.

  7. Red Aqua Media Post author

    Thanks für this channel. My quiestons are:
    1. Are keywords still relevant to Google?
    2. Dublin Core AND or OR metadata? Which one is preferred?

  8. Arjunsinh Chauhan Post author

    Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion man.

    Matt Cutts 2.0 is back 😀

  9. Corrine Guo Post author

    The dilemma for using Chinese in URL is that it's easier for user to recognize what's the page is about, while difficult for them to share the link. Any insights on this?

  10. Demetrio Orecchio Post author

    I have read all the documentation possible. Starting from




    and also


    The question is simple.

    I have premium content that will be available to users only for a fee. The pages will then be generated with the title, a small excerpt of the article and then a paywall for subscription or login.

    It is possible to show Google the entire content of the premium page without it being considered as cloaking?

    In the guidelines there is "If you want Google to crawl and index your entire page, including the paywalled sections, make sure Googlebot, and Googlebot-News if applicable, can access your page.

    " but I don't understand how to expose premium content without being penalized.


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