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By | January 17, 2020

Over the past three decades the Internet has
changed the way that people store, search and share information. One way information
is shared over the Internet is through Web pages and websites.
A website is a specific domain on the Internet. It could be compared to a book. Some websites
you might be familiar with are,, and Websites
generally represent a specific agency, group or individual who have purchased a domain
name in order to share their ideas with other people.
If we think of a website as a book a Web page would be a page in that book. A Web page is
a specific page on a domain, For example, or
are Web pages on the website A website will usually contain multiple Web
pages. Generally when you are citing a source you
will want to cite the specific Web page. Instead of citing the entire website create
your citation for the Weber State Brand or Campus recreation pages.
There are a lot of different sources on the Internet. You can find PDF documents, Presentations,
scholarly articles, videos, eBooks and much more on the Internet. However, none of these
sources are Web pages. Web pages serve a different purpose than other
sources such as books, popular magazines and scholarly journals. Web pages are not peer
reviewed, and in many cases they have no editor. This can make them less reliable than peer
reviewed sources such as scholarly journal articles. However, they are often good sources
for finding specific information on a product, current information or someone’s personal
opinion. Lots of news sources, universities, museums
and government organizations have websites that share information that can be helpful
to individuals work on academic related projects. However even when looking over a site that
appears to be valid it is important to evaluate it.
If you need help locating a good web page talk to a librarian at your local public or
academic library.

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