WebSite Traffic Strategy – Video Tutorial about SEO and Web Site Traffic Strategy for Beginners

By | August 17, 2019

Website Traffic Good day, welcome to the second video in the
SEO diaries. I am here with my son Zac and we are exploring everything to do with SEO
website traffic. Zac, welcome to the studio today. Thank you, good to be here. And are
you enjoying this? This is a pretty cool television studio right? Are you enjoying taking some
time off school? Yes I am enjoying taking some time off school. Actually that is a sneaky
comment because it is actually Labor Day and you wouldn’t actually have to go to school
anyway. Ok so what is your SEO/website traffic question for me today? My question today is
what is website traffic? All right cool, so you know what normal traffic is, what is normal
traffic? Normal traffic is cars and trucks on the road. Cars and trucks on the road,
exactly. So website traffic doesn’t mean cars and trucks. I don’t know driving into a computer
and smashing it to pieces, that would be bad. It wouldn’t be helpful, it wouldn’t be helpful
at all! So website traffic started to make real sense to me one day when we were in the
car and we were driving up, we were in Austin Texas and we were driving up to get onto the
Mopac, the freeway and you might remember there was a homeless gentleman and he was
holding a sign and asking us for money. I realized at that point that this guy was actually
kind of a genius because he was standing in a spot by the road where every couple of minutes
there would be a whole mass of cars right so I went back and I actually took some photos
and some video so I could find out. It turned out that every 2 minutes about 30 cars would
stop and so every hour that’s 2 minutes 30 times every hour he would get 30 people. So
what is 30 times 30. 30 times 30 if I practice my maths that would be 900, 900 beautifully
done so every hour this guy had 900 people go past his business which in this case was
a cardboard sign asking for money right. And that meant if he did 10 hours in a day how
many people would he get in a day? 900 times 10 that is 9000 every single day so that means
that out of one or two every 30, so that is maybe $100 a day. Exactly that even if he
just got something from every 30th person would still make a reasonable amount of money
to buy food and so on and so forth. That’s when I realised that guys a genius because
if I had 900 people coming past my website every hour, if I had 9000 people come past
my website every single day then if you do the maths there if I had 270,000 people past
my website every month, it wouldn’t matter even if it is just a small fraction that actually
bought a book or became part of one of my coaching programs or what have you it would
still be a really thriving business and that is when I really got website traffic. Website
traffic are the people who are coming past your website who have potential to engage
in your business, does that make sense? That makes sense to me, have I answered your question?
You have answered my question. Alright cool so that is the end of SEO diaries for today
as always I encourage you to please subscribe to the channel or share our video with your
friends or ask questions and make comments in the section below, good to see you, see
you next time.

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  1. Tim Levy Post author

    Here's a new video about web site traffic strategy. It's part of the SEO Diaries, which I shot with my son Zak. The idea is to make web site traffic, SEO and strategy super-easy to understand. Enjoy!

    Web Site Traffic Strategy – A Video Tutorial about WebSite Traffic Strategy

  2. Peter Brooks Post author

    Episode 2 with Zack! You guys seem to be having a great time! 🙂 This is kinda like a beginners guide to website SEO. Great information buddy! 🙂 God bless and have a great day! Smart kid!!!!!!!!

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