Webmaster Tools Updates

By | November 5, 2019

Hello. I’m Alec Sharratt. I am a digital marketing
executive here at Koozai, and today I am going to be talking
a little bit about the updates we’ve seen in Google Webmaster Tools over
the course of 2011. The four major updates I’m going to focus
on are parameter handling, linking to Analytics, +1 integration, and
instant previews. These are all reflections of what have actually happened
in search as well. So starting at the top, parameter handling,
Webmaster Tools now incorporates a section where you can actually
specify how Google handles certain URL parameters. This is particularly
useful if you are trying to exclude WordPress blog files or certain pages
that you might not want indexed or found in Google. Linking to Analytics, this is a really big
feature. You can now link your Webmaster Tools account to your Google Analytics
account, and as a result, you can get click-through data and impression
data in Webmaster Tools on all of your keywords. This is a really useful
step forward. +1 integration is obviously a reflection of
the Google +1 button which was brought out in 2011 as well. Here you can see the
impact that that’s had on search and how many +1’s you’ve gained and what sort
of activities happened there. Instant previews are another 2011 feature.
You can now see the site previewed by just hovering your mouse over
the listing in the organic search results. In Webmaster Tools, you can
now see what sites will look like, and it can provide suggestions with
how to improve that as well. Again, this is a summary of what’s happened
with Google Webmaster Tools. My name is Alec Sharratt. If you want to know
anything more, please visit our website at www.koozai.com or follow us on
Twitter or Facebook. All of the information will be at the bottom of the screen.
Thanks. Goodbye.

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