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By | August 28, 2019

Have you ever tried building and
deploying a web app from scratch? According to professional developers it
can take up to eight hours to get a working project up and running. Typically
to get started you will need to go through the tutorial for front-end
framework, modify the sample code, and then figure out how to integrate it with
your back-end. At Microsoft in The Garage we built an experiment to empower every
developer to achieve more! Web Template Studio accelerates the process by
reducing your set-up time from 8 hours into just a few clicks. Download Web Template Studio from the VS code marketplace and just press ctrl+shift+P
and type in Web Template Studio to launch the extension. You can get started
quickly with your full stack project here. Next you can choose from a variety of
front and back-end frameworks. We use templates such as create react script
and angular CLI, customize it, and verify the generated project code with experts.
You can preview each page template you want to add. Once you’ve chosen a page
you can reorder and rename your pages in the right sidebar to organize your
project. Next we’ll get started with Azure. Once
you’re logged into your Azure account you can easily add Azure app service which you
can use to publish your web app in Azure Cosmos DB which you can use to store
your data in the cloud. Once we get to the summary page we can go ahead and
create our project! When you first open up the project you’ll want to check out
the readme file to learn how to use the project we created for you. Now instead
of spending hours on setting up you can have a project set up in just a few
seconds. With Web Template Studio you can build your web app in one place and save
a lot of time, so you can focus on what really matters! Your ideas!

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