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By | August 30, 2019

hi guys and welcome to this video this
is Jamie from www.system22.net and https://great-webdesign.com/ in this short video we’re
gonna show you how to optimize your images both for speed and SEO purposes this is always a great idea
because the faster your site loads that’s always a good thing an SEO search
engine optimization is how your site gets found when people search for
various key terms and words so I’ve got a an image here it’s pretty big and I
want to make it smaller let’s help let someone look see what the size is on
this thing 141 kilobytes that’s not not actually
too bad let’s see if we can make it smaller though and the smaller we won’t
make it the faster it’s going to load and that’s always a good thing so I’ve
gone to a site here called tiny PNG com I’ll leave the link below this video and
this is great for optimizing doc ping or doc JPEG files for size so if I just
drag this image over and drop it in there you see it’s got it right there
it’s compressed it or is compressing it at the moment and there we are we’ve cut
it in half basically our new size is seventy four point three so I just hit
the download button and download that I’ll go back to my old photo just read
rename my old one so it doesn’t overwrite it just hit the f2 key there
now my new one I’m just gonna drag it into my folder I’m just gonna move the
folder off this active pane right here and drag it into my folder there so that’s it here’s our new one let’s
make sure it still looks good yeah that still looks fine and that’s you know you
zoom in that’s pretty good resolution and it’s half the size that it was just
now which means it’ll load twice as quickly
okay so that’s step one we’ve optimized our image for speed time thereby making
it smaller now we want to optimize it for SEO
what I’m gonna do here is I’ll just pull up another site and again I’ll leave the
link down the work down below you can use it Google keywords or anything that
you like to use it’s a great free one here at keywords keyword tool dot IO
and I’m just gonna put in my keyword of photography or you can put in a longtail
keyword or home photography or amateur photography however you want to do it
I’m gonna hit the search icon and it brings up a whole bunch of keywords here what I’m gonna do is I’m going to go
through I’m gonna select a few of these that I think are applicable to the
website that I’m building here obviously it’s a good idea you can do a
lot more in-depth study of the keywords that you want to use I’m just going
through and I’m checking the ones that I like here so I’ve just selected a few there now
I’m gonna hit this little orange copy button down the bottom here and bring up
a notepad and I can just see
control V or right-click and paste and it put those keywords in there for me
and you may say well why don’t I want these first thing you want to do is put
a comma after each one that way you can load multiples at a time and let’s go back to our photo our image
now on a right-click hit the properties I want to go over to details here now
here we can start putting in our keywords or phrases maybe you have phrases and
the tags you can put the whole lot in there and in the comments you can put
something that’s that’s relevant to the site you’re building and then make sure
you’ve got some of your keywords in there it’s probably not a good idea to
over stuff but but stuff that’s relevant and meaningful and that when search
terms that people are gonna search for and again in the author section we can
put a little something in there I’ll be right again more keywords in there and
you can go through there’s many of these fields I’m just using the same one but
you probably want to mix it up with a few different ones that way all these
keywords are in this photographer and it will be picked up in searches and will
help your SEO for your site when people are searching these key these terms will
be picked up so once you’ve optimized the description
there of course you want to optimize the title as well you can also put in your
area or your state or even your your zip code and that will
help you with a looot the local Google Local Pack search there so we’ve pretty
much optimized that image right now we’ve optimized it for speed and we’ve
put in some SEO terms so let’s put it in the zoo to a site
I’ve just got a wordpress site here I’m just gonna add my media pull my image
over and over here when it’s it’s got it even
but for the old text you want to put some more SEO terms in the old text
whatever is relevant to what you’re doing and some more SEO and description
terms in the description here all of this will help you so in when you’re
done insert it into your post and that’s it that image is now not just
an image that looks nice it’s also got all kinds of great details that will
help your site get ranked as well as loading quickly because we’ve often
optimized it for speed also so there you have it there was a short
little video I hope you found that useful how to optimize your images for
your websites for both speed and search engine optimization again I’ll put the
links we’ve used below this video so you can go to tiny B PNG comm and also the
keyword tool we’re using the free version here and
that’s good for most people uses you can upgrade to the pro version if you want
to it will cost you a little bit but I find that this free version is is works
fantastically so there you have it how to optimize
your images for SEO and speed once again this has been jamie from system 22 and
great web design comm if you’ve enjoyed this video please subscribe to our
channel and keep up to date for new tricks and tips thanks for watching now
have a great day

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