10 thoughts on “‘We are completely unprepared,’ says John Kerry on U.S. response to coronavirus

  1. theroseguy7 Post author

    Thanks Skull and Bonsey #2 or should I say #322. What does Bush bro say? 🙄

  2. Crusadersojourn Post author

    What exactly would your regime have done any different.

  3. TROUBLEDSUM Post author

    Coming from

    Coming from Someone who believes in Eugenics as a means to Population control

  4. Île-de- France Post author


    👉 Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins Self-Quarantine over Coronavirus Fears After Meetings with Trump
    👉 Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar and Julia Brownley,  Self-Quarantine after Exposure to Coronavirus Patient at CPAC

    👉👉Watch "President Trump Golfs While Markets Tumble And Health Officials Rush To Produce Coronavirus Tests" on YouTube

  5. Kybeline Post author

    It's Kerry's daughter imported the virus from Africa, and a lot such… too much travelling around.

  6. Good Citizen Post author

    Your a liar tho too. This is a setup to undermine Trump. Hes a businessman not a doctor.

  7. Fe Gamma Glitch Post author

    My son said he went into state office to apply for unemployment and had to walk out 15 minutes later bcus so many ppl in there coughing it was dirty looked unsanitary. He was told to just sit at a computer wait for someone. He just left. 79st Northside Center


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