Warning! You won’t be able to become a YouTuber (Without the right mindset)

By | September 13, 2019

In today’s video we’re talking about
what it takes to become a successful youtuber and we’re starting right now hey there welcome to another video my
name is Tom I’m a dad of three I’m a skydiver and I’m a youtube certified
expert over the years I’ve developed a very unique set of skills that help my
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check to Buddy out are you doing this channel we talk about a lot of
analytical stuff to talk about numbers and facts SEO different set plans a lot
of objective technical stuff that you have to do to succeed on YouTube this
video is going to be a lot different than that because we’re going to talk
about what it takes mentally and emotionally to succeed on
you which means that we’re gonna dive into the psyche of a youtuber the inner
struggles in how you can survive and come out on top there’s a lot of
struggles and complexities and difficulties but being you can bring
that most people just don’t understand for example tell me this ever happen to
you you work so hard in the video you sacrifice sleep time with your loved one
just basically throwing yourself into this video then you upload this video
and you find out that it’s out of focus what has nasty sound or a hundred
different things that can go wrong when you upload a video this happened to you
I’m sure because it happened to me because it happened to every single
youtuber on this platform and the only difference between the youtubers who
made it and the ones who didn’t make it is the strength of mind heart let me
tell you a little story when I was a kid I was watching a basketball game
local European game and this guy was playing in this game was my hero right
this guy was a Lithuanian player his name was shirtless it’s cabbage juice
crazies name like easily to any this guy was a champion he won championships
everywhere in Europe everywhere he played the guy was crazy 40 point games
he was my idol and this game he was just horrible he was missing shut up the shut
shut but somehow it managed to be a close game so played the tank the gaming
winds down to the final minutes in the final seconds this guy has zero of nine
shots from the three-point basically shot nine times three-pointers
throughout the game and missed all of them the game winds down to the final
seconds this guy takes another three-pointer for the win and makes it
with 1 out of 10 but it took that one convinced this is gonna make the shot he
didn’t even think about those nines I missed that is the strength of mine that
I mean when you screw up on YouTube you have to forget about it you don’t have
to think about it just move on and be better in the next video the only thing
you should be focused is not how you screw up is how you can get better in
the next video don’t well don’t drag yourself down by your screw-ups
now the second thing I want to talk about is the numbers obsession the
vanity numbers that just mean diddly-squat people are obsessing about
10 subscribers 100 subscribers 2,000 10,000 subscribers like it means
something it doesn’t mean nothing the only thing you should be focused on when
you’re starting out YouTube is the quality of your video not the amount of
subscribers not even the amount of views that you got when you start obsessing
about these numbers they become the main focal point and for a lot of youtubers
these numbers views subscribers etc this becomes the whole thing not the quality
of their video my quality of your video I mean everything the sound the video
the production quality the thumbnails the tiles the SEO work everything that
has to do with that video that has to be your focus when you’re starting out
YouTube don’t even think about subscribers and views
nothing there’s no different than having them or 50 or 100 or 1,000 or even
10,000 subscribers it’s all basically the same
you’re still styling out focus of making better videos in everything that the
video entails and then you’ll get the subscribers and then you’ll get the
views it has to be result of making better videos not the end game for you
guys the next issue I want to bring up is the expectation gap people start this
YouTube journey completely misguided about what the expectation versus
reality about YouTube they’re convinced that you know they’re gonna upload a
video they’re gonna go to sleep and then they’re gonna wake up the next day 1
million views we all know that that’s not how it works
the reality is you work a lot of hours to make mediocre videos it takes you six
months master through video making and then you start uploading these videos a
few months later he’s struggling to get 20 30 views most it takes you a whole
year to get like to 100 subscribers and it’s a grind and that is the reality of
starting a YouTube channel from scratch this is how your first peer is going to
look and if people don’t understand it you’re gonna crack and they’re going to
leave very very shortly because they’re not ready for the journey they’re not
ready for the grind they don’t have the strength of mind in strength of heart to
carry out this marathon that I call YouTube people have this whole sprint
mentality they’re gonna drop off very fast and if you guys want to survive you
have to prepare for a long ride with a lot of disappointments with a little
moments where you just want to quit happen to me many times but a lot of
difficult times it has to be marathon mentality you have to brace yourself for
a very very very long grind just to put yourself in the position to succeed on
YouTube and even then nothing is guaranteed
nobody promises you that you’ll ever go full-time on YouTube or make enough
money to make a living you may never actually get there and that’s why if you
don’t love making YouTube videos for the love of making YouTube videos you’re
probably not gonna make the next Shona bring up is being
different being different is being better especially on YouTube let me
prove it take a bag of rice and spill it on your kitchen counter
all of these rice beans look the same but imagine that one rice grain is
painted red it’s gonna immediately stick out in the sea of these white rice
grains that is the key to success and you have to be different and unique in
order to stand out from the crowd and be noticed because if you just be another
white rice grain nobody’s gonna notice you think about it this way all these
youtubers now are playing for tonight there is streaming for tonight whatever
they’re all playing the same game in the same manner with the same mannerisms
they’re basically carbon copies of each other you’re gonna get notice if you
don’t become an addict streamer or fortnight you have to be unique for
example let’s say you playing fortnight riding your bicycle there is on fire why
are you playing that’s unique that’s gonna get a lot of youth that’s gonna
get you notice right that is a very extreme example which I not want you to
try at home actually forbidden you from trying this at home but it goes to show
you how different and unique triggers interest don’t be like everybody else
don’t try to imitate how do you do yourself that’s the only way to see the
music the next point I wanna talk to you about is this focus youtuber is now
coming into this platform thinking okay I’m going to do blogs I’m gonna do
do-it-yourself toriel’s and the craft I’m gonna play games I’m gonna have
rants hundred different things and if you don’t have a brand that is
established right now nobody’s gonna watch you play games or you walk around
and vlog you’re not Logan Paul you know Jake Paul well I’m happy that you know I
don’t wanna be a local boy Jake pool but that’s just an example of a guy or guys
that people want to watch doom and Dane stuff because their steps brand which
would like they want to watch the grocery shopping event right you’re not
there yet so for you the strategy has to be let’s
build the brain first and then if you want to branch out to rabbit channel or
just set up second or third channel let’s do it one we have in the Spanish
brand I’ve seen channels actually carry this out very successfully for example I
know the channel that started with craft do-it-yourself crafting then once the
head of a 50,000 subscribers this does also doing vlogging on the second
channel by that time when they started vlogging they already had 50,000 people
who knew them and one do the fault of their legs that make sense I’m starting
out to dear subscribers and just flogging it’s gonna be extremely
difficult I don’t saying we can’t do it I’m just
saying it’s gonna be really really hard to build a channel this way now I
honestly hope you can play this video even more so I hope that now you
understand what it takes to become a youtuber what is the mental strength
that is required for me what is the emotional strength that is required from
you and even though that this is a serious topic hit the like button you
know so I can giggle let’s check out these videos right here if you want to
learn more about how to get more views and more subscribers we’re gonna see you
guys next time

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