Want to become a YouTube SEO Expert?

By | October 16, 2019

In my last poll you made it really clear
that you wanna see advanced YouTube SEO techniques here on this channel. And that
is what I want to do starting with this video. A long series where we dive really
deep into YouTube SEO. Advanced level YouTube SEO. Heck even expert level SEO.
And for that I want to have your input on that. Everything that might help with
our journey to really go into the particularities of YouTube SEO because I
believe there is so much information out there that we don’t even commonly hear.
So there is so much to learn. So I want to do a really deep dive and for that
please let me know in the comments everything that you think contributes to
this journey. Something in particular that you figured out by doing your own
SEO. Something that you have a hunch about and you are wondering whether
there’s some truth to it. Or for example something that plain puzzles you when
you did your own optimization. And based on that walk this journey towards
advanced, expert level SEO. And if I were to leave a comment myself under this
video, well, then I would explain this: As you know evergreen videos are the holy
grail of SEO. That’s the goal that we want to achieve with doing our SEO. And
one of my evergreen videos you can see here. Are the lifetime views here. And
that is how an evergreen video usually looks like. The view graph at first is
very high in the beginning because all our subscribers are watching the videos.
So the initial momentum is of course reflected in the high views in the
beginning. And then after that the video slows usually down because, well, these
subscribers have watched it and only a little bit of search traffic trickles
in. But over time this search traffic grows and grows and grows because
YouTube basically learns more and more about the videos and ranks your video
for more and more search terms. And basically this way slowly your video
grows towards being an evergreen video where it’s then in its highest time – which
would be about here – drives you a nice amount of views each and every day. Yeah?
Evergreen. Driving views all the time. But then after some time – and as you can see here a little bit as well – it goes down again because the video is too old,
because new videos get published about the same topic and rank instead of your
video, something like that, there are multiple reasons of course. But it’s
going down so what do you do there? And that is my thinking process here. So I
did a really great job at my SEO obviously. So reoptimizing the video
probably wouldn’t improve it because I already did a great job. So the chances
of changing the metadata of the video is only that I might make it worse than it
was before. But one thought would be to do another video. A new video of the same
topic. In this case this is about click-through rate. So I would do a
second video about click-through rate. Something that I learned about that in
the two years that the video is already up. So there’s certainly something new
that I can tell about it. So I would create a new evergreen video
that replaces the old one basically and drives views for the coming two years.
But then again I looked at the traffic in detail that this video gets and here
in the Morningfame Algorithm tab which all Morningfame users already have
access to who are in the early access program. I looked here in the YouTube
search section and here my click-through rate video is of course one very
successful video here, driving many views each day, but then I looked at the full
drill down of all the algorithms that drive views to this video. Just as a
comparison the views that I showed you here, these are the views that this video
got in total. So it’s coming from different algorithms. Not just YouTube
search. So what you see here is YouTube search and I realize
actually the views are constant so to say. So it’s not going down like we saw
in the total view graph before. So I see here that the YouTube traffic is
actually quite constant. So it keeps driving views from YouTube search to
this video. But then when I go down, Google search traffic tends to go down a
little bit as well as – and that is quite interesting – the suggested video traffic
goes down right now. So if we look at the video as a whole, the youtube search
aspect actually is doing well right now. So I would believe in this case that it
is not yet time to do another video of this kind because my current one is
still driving a lot of traffic and I can wait a little while – a few months maybe –
until I do a second version of the same video. Alright, I hope that served as a
good example of what kind of information I’m looking for.
You can really help me out here to find those interesting little things that we
didn’t hear often about SEO before. So leave them in the comments. I will look
through all of them and based on that I will draft the future episodes of this
series where we together build our YouTube SEO skills. And next time
actually I have a mystery for you. And if it’s not out yet then click here and
subscribe and ring the bell so you don’t miss this next episode. So let’s get this
started on our journey for advanced YouTube SEO. Cheers my friends.

21 thoughts on “Want to become a YouTube SEO Expert?

  1. Yonnel Olivo Post author

    Hello there Niko, it is awesome to see you again here. I missed your insightful youtube tips and tricks. Hope everyone else is learning from your videos as well.

  2. Mohamed Shaalan Post author

    Interesting video. Thanks Nico for that information.
    My channel's traffic sources in the last 28 days is mainly from YouTube search (about 60%). Do you think this is good or bad?

  3. Derek Kaye Post author

    Another great video – love your training and especially your keyword tools! ๐Ÿ™‚

    One quick question – I've been told that the length of the video title makes a difference. What was said to me is that it should be less than 60 characters and that 40 to 60 characters is the sweet spot. In your experience, is this true?

  4. The Plus Size Tarot Chick Post author

    Hello niko! Got my cuppa ready and watching. Have an amazing weekend. Been waiting for this. My SEO, it didn't tie together until a week ago and slowly each time I tried and failed, I had the MOMENTUM to do better. It's all about consistency.

  5. Morningfame Post author

    Please let me know in the comments about anything that you learned about or ask yourself about YouTube SEO. This will be the basis of a great series! Thanks yโ€™all!

  6. HealMyTech Post author

    Hey Nico I just gave you a shoutout (with 2 other youtubers Brian G Johnson and Matt from Little Monster Media Co) in my recent live stream on my channel which I did today entitled "Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make…". I showed people an example of the keyword research tool and the result of the ranking from MorningFame. One thing I am learning about SEO is that the criteria keeps changing for what gets ranked with time and with YouTube's various algorithms, so keeping up do date is important.

  7. enduroPOV Post author

    Hey Nico! Good video, interesting topic!
    That video has a very high external traffic, right? Is it normal that percentage in your videos?
    You could do a video about the first days of a successful video for people to know when they get it right (specially small channels), explain what's going on, the views hourly fluctuation, the CTR going down with more impressions, the watch time funnel, show all the analytics…
    Are you sure the best day to release you video is Saturday? I get the higher view velocity if i release on Monday around 4/5/6 PM. If i release a video on Thursday I know when it gets to the weekend the views get down and hinder the growth. I tried releasing on Saturday and Sunday, awful view velocity, video "die" very quickly. But yeah, you know what's best for your audience. I won't release on weekend again. And even in the middle of the week, cause the grow gets a hit on the weekend.
    And Nico, maybe you've missed it, but I would really appreciate your opinion, even if a very short answer, on the comment i made here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMyg1_INDkc Thanks! Mario

  8. Ian Corzine Post author

    Very good breakdown of analytics for an evergreen video. My question is does it ever make sense to use keyword phrases that may not be as searched but are much more extremely relevant to your video. The theory being that the more relevant the keywords the better the video will do over time because YouTube knows what it is. E.g. (โ€œAmazon fire stick, fire stick Amazon, Amazon TV fire stick, firestick TV Amazon, TV Amazon firestick, etc.โ€

  9. IDICBeer 40k Post author

    Very interesting Nico, I look forward to this series, not sure I have anything to add atm

  10. Nelson Walters Post author

    Nico, another "aha" moment. I like how you researched all the different graphs to pinpoint why traffic was decreasing, and that it wasn't "Search." Second, I am trying to reach the channel that referred me to you so I can sign up for your metric data, to get an invitation. However, I'm not getting a response. What should I do?

  11. Legion of Weirdos Post author

    Excellent points! I can't wait until life slows down enough for me to start producing again. You're going to VidSummit, yes?

  12. fitzygolfpro Post author

    Great stuff Nico. Watching this video has just given me an idea. Time to remake a couple of my older videos.

  13. Buddy Shearer Post author

    Hey! Do backlinks help a video that we may publish? Certainly quality would be nice.

  14. Nicole A McGrath Post author

    New video sounds like a good idea as well regarding the old video. I followed your idea and produce 2 more video of my similar popular video on YouTube. Still early days for them ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Michele Spring Post author

    You always have such good ideas Nico ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the idea about creating a NEW video when search results start to go down. I hadn't thought about that. It's not like a blog post that you can go back and update, so definitely something to consider!

  16. Whats in Michaels Bag. Post author

    Great and informative video Nico…Nico I've a new phone and can't find a link to morning fame please can you send me one cheers


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