Walkthrough: How (and why) to set up a Moz campaign

By | September 1, 2019

Campaigns! Not just for politicians
anymore — never just for politicians! I’m Olivia with Whole Whale, and today
we’re going to tell you how to set up a campaign in Moz. Okay, but first of all,
what is Moz? It is a fantastic SEO tool, it can run crawls on your site and act
as the canary in your SEO coal mine, it’s also a great resource for learning and
for doing keyword research, and the best part is they offer a 75% discount for
nonprofits. You can check them out at moz.com. So assuming that you have already
signed up for a Moz account, you can log in, click on Moz Pro, and click on
campaigns. This is available when you have Moz at that Pro feature which is
when you start to get the 75% discount. You can manage current active campaigns,
look at deactivated campaigns, and to add a new campaign we scroll to the bottom and
hit “new campaign.” Let’s say we want to track the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s
main website, pgps.org. This is a Whole Whale client and we love working with
them, so we want to see how their SEO is doing. Once we’ve added the URL and the
name of the brand, we click “next” and set a crawl limit for how many pages we want
Moz to crawl. We can then integrate our Google Analytics property within Moz.
This may take some scrolling if you have a number of Google Analytics properties,
as Whole Whale has accumulated over time, and if you don’t have a Google Analytics
account configured just yet, that’s no problem, you can also skip this step.
However, we do strongly recommend you include Google Analytics in your suite
of services, especially if you’re signing up for Moz. Once we’ve added that, we can click “next”
and then select the search engines we want to track our rankings for. I
recommend going for all four: Google, Google mobile, Bing, and Yahoo, and then
Moz will give us some keywords that they think are related to the website based
on how our website is already doing in SEO. A lot of these look great, so I’m
going to move ahead, but we can also add more keywords at a later time if there
is more content or keywords that are missing that we want to track.
We can also add competitors. Moz will automatically, again, give you a few that
it identifies as related to your website, but let’s pretend that Whole Whale and
Peter G. Peterson are competitors and we’ll just add that for now. This finishes adding our campaign and we
can check it here in a dashboard. Obviously this will take a little bit of
time, but we can start to look at things like rankings and page optimization once
Moz has gathered that initial campaign data. We’ll take a look at what you can
actually do with these campaigns, as well as how to max out your keyword research,
in a couple of future episodes of Whole Whale TV. In the meantime, if you have any
pressing SEO questions, you can leave them right below in the comments. And if
you really want to take a deeper dive on SEO, we have a whole course for that. Go
to wholewhale.com/university to access our SEO and Writing
for the Web course. You can even access it for 80% off using the code
WWVIDEO. I’m Olivia with Whole Whale, thanks for tuning in — we’ll see you next

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