WAGO PLC 750-841 sterowanie przez www, html, ajax

By | February 13, 2020

Welcome. In this presentation I will try to show how you can control a PLC with an use of a mobile phone through a regular html page I used the jQuery library At this occasion I would like to thank Pawel for showing the library to me and inspiring me to work on it I use a WAGO controller and this is HTC Desire Let us see now if everything works I start a regular mobile web browser From the bookmarks I chose the page I have written and this is how it looks like Pushing any of the buttons turns the ligts on or off So let us try: the book shelf light hard to see now… I’m sorry for the bad filming conditions here… …and once again… In generall all lights work like that At these are scenes The first one we use for watching movies The 2nd to turn all lights off …turn all on… And the hose icon launches the menu from which I can choose other ‘rooms’ for example the lobby and external lights There are not so many buttons here, but I am still working on the system… …or other options like the blinds All blinds in my house can be controlled from here So let us see, one of the blinds goes down… let’s stop it now up…. let’s lower the other one and stop …and stop all blinds work like that I leave this one here as the light is better Let us see other options watering the garden I can’t show it working as there is no water in the system any more… But the difference to the lights is that turning any of the circuits on turns the previous one off what else? The temperatures in all the rooms (and outside) I use them to controll the heaters …and the outside cam works by loading the images from the cam every second (a Chinesse one, c.a. EUR 100) It all is a htm page You can see the address bar at the top every second the page checks and corrects the scroll nothing should stop us from increasing the scale It all connects to a PLC controller with AJAX querries which jQuery makes easy to use …lights again… I will also try to show the CoDeSys visualization program starts…. I log in and open the main floor visualization here is where we are now I will try now to shitch the lights on the phone in generall you can see all the changes are reflected in CoDeSys a now the other way… you shoud see it on the phone refreshed every 5 sec. I will use the occasion to show the Windows Gadget which works exactly the same and lets me controll the lights It is a Gadget with all the gadget’s features I’m sorry for all the shaking but I’m filming with my laptop the only other cam I have is the phone, which is the hero of this clip the cam view… all based on ajax queries The page works on my HTC Desire and Asus EEE Pad Transformer all that reads html pages lets me controll the home thank you and greetings!

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  1. Ben Ben Post author

    Very nice, I like the GUI .
    I did the same thing for my house but I write native android app with ajax call to the server. I have a question, How you do keep the desktop and the mobile in syn? does your webpage refresh every second ? or make ajax call every second ?


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