Vortex Marketing Minute | Top 10 SEO Tips 7 & 8 | Duplicate Content Cleanup & Site Maps

By | August 20, 2019

Hi I’m Jonathan Sabin, Chief Visionary
Officer and CEO of Vortex Business Solutions. We’re a full-service web
design, SEO and visual digital marketing firm. In today’s Marketing Minute we’ll
continue with the top 10 onboard SEO tips number seven and eight.
Here goes number seven, duplicate content cleanup. Google rewards sites that provide unique, useful content to users. If Google
discovers that you have the same content in more than one section of your website,
or the content was taken from another website, it’ll lower your rank. Check for
and clean up any duplicate content. Tip number eight, sitemaps. Sitemaps help
Google understand the hierarchy and the layout of your website. It’s a file that
tells search engines every page that’s on your site, and image, and where they
can find it. Ensure that these are properly configured, and send it to the
search engines. Watch next week as we finish up our top ten SEO tips with
number nine and ten for Vortex’s Marketing Minute,
I’m Jonathan Sabin.

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