Voici comment enlever avec ces deux produits la graisse compacte sur les hanches, cuisses,bras!

By | September 5, 2019

I bring you another super effective recipe
who will act in 7 days on you to get rid of you compact fat that does not go away
Yesterday I made you a video about a drink diuretic that you had to consume today
I complete this video because I find that this is a duo that goes together, I will
so invite to watch the video until the end to not miss the slightest detail,
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notification bell to receive our every day advice first of all know that it is very difficult
of get rid of the fats installed at
some specific places of the body, for example hips, belly, back and arms
this wonderful recipe will work effectively , powerfully at these places the
, this homemade cream is easy to make will help to reach
your goals, the best thing is that you see the results appear in very little
of time The recipe for this homemade cream is very
easy, very easy to use, and everyone of its ingredients are very easy to obtain
That’s why after this video you will not have no excuse for not getting rid
of this fat that accumulates In a short week you are definitely going. You get rid of
the ingredients are as follows A ball camphor about 10 grams
Camphor you find it in pharmacy drugstore or even in the supermarkets on sale on
Amazon and others, take the smell-free preference ,
A bottle of baby oil, it can to be Johnson baby oil, almond oil
, in short, a super moisturizing oil Before going further, to expose yourself
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comments you know how much all this makes me extremely happy, The preparation is as follows
First, you have to grind your 10 grams of camphor and add them to the oil
Then you have to mix everything very well to get a uniform mixture to
and you have to leave the preparation for at least two days especially for those who
have chosen a fragrant camphor, it will do that the mix works well and especially so that
the strong smell emanating from camphor evaporates
stir well each time before. This is very easy to apply
This cream must be applied all The nights before going to sleep, you have to
Apply it in the areas of your abdomen and size and you should make yourself a
massage with smooth and circular movements
and very specific, with strong intensity like you can see it before going to bed
a very important note is that if you are
allergic to camphor, you should not Apply this treatment You also need to drink a lot of water
for the duration of this Treatment use must be constant
in combination with the drink burns fat presented yesterday, this will double the dimensions
waistline to lose With this you will be able to get the results
breathtaking Because in addition to eliminating abdominal fat
this will increase the heat of your metabolism at night and you will also lose
weight in the areas of size and hips
, your abdomen Do not hesitate, I wait for you in the
comments, tell me what you Do you think of this recipe
read your opinion is very important for me if you are one of those who do not prefer
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12 thoughts on “Voici comment enlever avec ces deux produits la graisse compacte sur les hanches, cuisses,bras!

  1. Sabine Yao Post author

    Bonsoir Rosy! Moi je suis en Côte-d'Ivoire. Et il y a des boules pareils mais qui portent le nom de naphtaline. Je voudrais savoir si c'était le même produit. Merci!

  2. Diana Cemoi Post author

    Comment savoir si on est allergique au camphre ? ??

  3. Maricarmen Rodríguez Post author

    El título en español y la receta en francés????


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