VIXX KEN X 9Muses Kyungri K-pop idols’ tip for Korean bath ‘Body scrubbing’ [OhMyGodTip11]

By | November 9, 2019

Hello! I’m ‘the cute and sexy’, Kyungri! I’m the sweetest Ken-moong! Our dating is mostly like..
going to a movie, eating something or having some tea.. We go see a movie, have a tea and eat together. A date with Ken-moong is fun,
but sometimes I need something different. Isn’t there anything new to do on a date? “I’m getting tired of our same date pattern.
Isn’t there anything else that’s more fun?“ “Isn’t there anything more interesting?” “Right, there is one! A water park!” A water park is always right in summer! The first summer vacation with
my dearest Kyungri / my sweetest Ken! I’m so happy just to think about it~~~ Wait, going to a water park means I have to wear a swimsuit!? When was the last time I went to a bathhouse? [Precheck before exposure]
Ha~ I need to get my body scrubbed. “HYGIENE CARE” I came to a bathhouse with Ken-moong,
to scrub old dirts off from my skin. Gosh~ guys are empty-handed!?
I brought this many things. Do they even scrub their body? Why would I bring anything? They give free toothpaste and
so many free towels to use in bath house! I can also reuse a razor, shampoo and a scrub towel somebody left behind~ Girls get so many free stuff, too! Is it a dog or something?
A dangling toothpaste and only two towels? Limited quantity!? “What? Stolen Towel?” They do take care of my conscience! Well, let go of my bad feelings, it’s time to scrub dirts off my skin. It is such a pleasure to scrub off old dirts from my body!
Korean’s unique way of taking bath! I can go to a water park now~! “Wait! What is this? Is it a dirt?? Ewww!!!” Can somebody teach me how to scrub my body perfectly!!!???? What you need now, is this great tip, Oh my God! TIP! Pharmacist for medicine, doctor for treatment! Then for ddae(dead skin), a master of bath! Guns for soldiers, ddae towel for us! Our great tip taught by fully equipped master of Korean bath. First step, don’t use just whatever scrub towel there is. This scrub towel, called Italy towel, is called so
because it is made with imported Italian fabric! There is a level of roughness in scrub towel as well. You shouldn’t just choose any towel
just because of your color preference. The level of roughness is different according to its color,
so you have to choose it depending on the type of your skin, otherwise, you might end up hurting your skin while scrubbing. If you don’t have an iron skin,
rub the scrub towel on the floor tile to make it accustomed to your skin. We really recommend a microfiber mitt,
called‘Ddae-rmes’ for baby skin. Second step! You have to soak your body well to easily scrub dirts off. Drink plenty of water when soaking your body, and make sure to stay in the water for at least 10 to 20 minutes maximum. There is a timing in scrubbing. It is worth nothing if you can’t stand being hot
and dry your body with cool wind or cold water. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! (Comedian Oh Nami’s in-word) “WITH HEART AND SOUL” Third step! If you want to scrub ‘ddae’ really well, try to strain your palm, not fingers, to push and pull!
Do you see the difference? When a “ddae” doesn’t come off much,
skilled masters use an apple vinegar. The secret that makes dirts come off well is because of
AHA compound, that dissolves dead skin cells. – Must be used after watering it down. Fourth step! “Number 33” When nothing works well, a professional scrubbing mistress is the best! You have to relax your body when lying down on scrubbing table
to have your body scrubbed off. “Relax~” A phone reservation beforehand is necessary
when going to a popular scrubbing mistress in town. You might end up waiting more than an hour or two
if you don’t make any reservation. Leave your body to a professional,
and your skin would be rejuvenated before you know it. “METAMORPHOSIS” The cutie Kyungri, all new and smooth!
Totally ready to leave for a water park~! Meanwhile, how about Ken-moong? -Don’t you need any of our great tip?
-Well, not really.. I’m fine. While girls take bath,
what do guys do, saying that theydon’t even need any tip? Well, I can just do it later~ “HARDLY DONE ANYTHING” Scrubbing or not scrubbing!
What matters most is that I went to a bathhouse~ Q. The season of exposure coming up!
An idol’s tip on taking care of your skin? Because I am an idol group member,
I don’t have any dirt to scrub off, and I don’t fart too!
Idols don’t fart at all. Who am I then, who taught how to fart silently? Q. As a member of model-like idol group,
any concern on summer skin care? Shaving? Now that I mention it. It isn’t just me, right? I get a scratch if I shave on bare skin. My skin gets reddend and sometimes injured,
so I use a bubble foam when shaving. It works really well and neat. -Subtitle by: Ary

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