vivo V17 Unboxing | First Look Review | World’s Smallest Punch Hole Camera

By | December 16, 2019

[Intro Music Playing] Hello Friends! I am Abhishek
And I welcome you in this new Gadgetstouse video
Today we have a very exciting phone It is from Vivo and name of the phone is Vivo
V17 Let’s start with the unboxing (music playing in the background) This phone comes with a punch-hole design
camera That means you are getting punch-hole camera
design on the display And the amazing thing is that
The punch-hole camera is the smallest of all It only covers the same area as the camera
sensor That is only this part is given for camera
And rest is reserved for the display I have seen the smallest punch-hole camera
ever on this phone Which is a good thing
If we talk about the built quality of the phone
Then it is not that good But in terms of look and feel it is fantastic
The finishing is good But you are getting a plastic back and not
glass Also if we talk about the edges then you are
getting plastic there too And the best thing is that this phone doesn’t
feel heavy It is very lightweight
The weight is right in front of you If we talk about the connectivity
then you are getting USB Type C No complaint here
You are getting 3.5 mm headphone jack No complaint here There is only one loudspeaker And the sim tray is a full-size sim tray That means you can use 2 sim cards and an SD card
So there is no compromise in terms of connectivity on Vivo v17
If we talk about the display then You are getting 6.4-inch FHD+ display
which is an AMOLED display and it is a very good display
it’s vibrant and bright if we talk about the brightness then
you can see the brightness in the outdoor scenario
the quality in the indoor is obviously better the display is very responsive and the touch
response is also very good and I will give full marks in display quality
and the bezel is also very less according to me
so it’s a good thing about the display on this phone
friends if we talk about the processing power of this phone
then you are getting snapdragon 675 and the processor is generally compromised
in phones like this if we think about it then the processor is
definitely underpowered but you won’t face any problem in day to
day uses if we talk about the PUBG
then the gameplay of PUBG is right in front of you
you can see here how you can play PUBG very nicely in HD and high graphics setting
in this phone smoothly and you can also see the touch response
if we talk about the storage then it is fully loaded
128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM And with 8GB of RAM, you can have a very smooth
multitasking But the OS here is the FUN TOUCH OS
Which has become a little old You can see some bloatware in the UI Which can be uninstalled if you want And I think that the OS should have more improved
And the OS has been made lighter and optimized And with 8GB of RAM, you won’t face any
problem Even when you are getting a custom OS
But still, it is smooth in uses Friends if we talk about the camera then
You are getting a 48MP camera in the rear Which is not a Sony sensor but Samsung’s The photo clarity is right in front of you I am gonna show you the shots
Where one is a 48MP shot and the other one is non 48MP shot
And If you check them side by side then you can see how much they are different in quality
And you will get an idea of the clarity So you can take a high-resolution photo with
48MP camera Other than this you are getting an 8MP ultra-wide
camera And the photos taken by Ultra-wide camera
is also in front of you Here is one normal shot and one ultra-wide
shot And you can see the difference between the
two And the color tone of the ultra-wide camera
is also good And not that bad
And the results are right in front of you Apart from this, you are getting 2MP depth
sensor With this, you can take a portrait photo
The portrait photos are also in front of you And you can see how much background blurring
you are getting Edge detection is also good and the clarity
in the shot is also good If you zoom in on the action figure
then you can see how clear is the pictures is
let’s talk about the macro camera you are getting a 2MP macro camera
which is in front of you you can see a 2MP macro camera can the shot
with so much level of details if you take the picture in close up and the
details are right in front of you you can judge by yourself
friend if we talk about the selfie then you are getting a 32MP selfie camera
and the photos in the indoor are like this if you zoom in and check the details on my
hair and on face then you will see very much level of details
here the photo in the indoor has come out good
and if the indoor selfie is good then the outdoor selfie will obviously be better
and you can see the difference between the indoor vs outdoor selfie
both have come out very good the front camera is going a good job so selfies
are good and the result is in front of you if we talk about the video stability of the phone
then we have recorded a clip walking so you will get an idea of stability while
recording if we talk about the battery then you are
getting 4500 mAh battery a big battery is given in this phone
and a fast-charging option is given in this phone
and you will face no problem with battery and charger
and can charge it faster and being a big battery it will give you a better battery life
so again it is good for the power users friends to check the loudness of the loudspeaker
we have played audio here and you can see the loudness and the audio
quality here (Music Playing) So, friends, this was our first impression and the quick review
Of this phone I think this phone is good
And you should pay no more than 20 to 22 thousand And if it is priced more than this then wait
for the price drop And then buy this phone
That’s it for now in this video Thank you very much
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Then write that down in the comment section Thank you very much
Jai Hind! Vande Matram! [Outro music playing]

39 thoughts on “vivo V17 Unboxing | First Look Review | World’s Smallest Punch Hole Camera

  1. Manas kumar Singh Post author

    All the best gadgets to use
    love from Odisha
    Jay Jagannath

  2. wasimkh00 Post author

    Absolutely Stunning Unboxing & Review Great video.#VivoV17 Amazing Stylish Premium look with strong build Quality 1 number,Great beautiful😍💓 Display,Small punch hole ⭕ .OS thoda accha dena chaiye thha,Camera 📷 Dekha jaaye toh Accha hai greatAll captures Awesome👏✊👍👍😎 Over all Accha phone very appreciated video #GTU #GTUFamily

  3. shakeel mohammed Post author

    Most features are good but 675 processor at this price is a deal breaker.

  4. Shuvadeep Dey Post author

    Your subscriber increasing rate is slower than a tortoise.

  5. Siddharth Chhabra Post author

    I Love this World's first Smallest Punch Hole Camera Design and Look's More Premium in Glacier ice Color Variant

  6. Lokmani Dixit Post author

    Main highlight of this Phone:-
    1. Punch hole Display.Its looks Premium
    2. Quad Camera Setup on rear and 32 Mp Selfie Camera
    3. Amoled Display with 4500 mah battery backup and support fast charging.
    #GTU #GTUUpdate

  7. Dhruv Bhardwaj Post author

    Design achaaa h punch hole camera op. Sala meri qismat mae kbhi giveaway winner nhi banna likha

  8. Arindam Panda Post author

    Awesome Smartphone. Rear camera Performece is awesome but I am not a huge fan of Fun Touch OS. #GTUFamily

  9. kashif ahmad Post author

    I am a new subscriber on yr channel hello sir i have one question can i buy a smart tv and use it without any internet connection as a normal tv. Will there be any issue, i wanted to buy for my parents who live in village, or suggest me any non smart tv 55 inches please

  10. Shawab Alam Post author

    You are cheater and I have proof. I won in 2017 in Xiaomi mega giveaway and got no. 1 you can check my name on winner list. I have contacted you just after the winner list and contacted a lot of time. But you are a cheater . Better you accept it. If not then check your 2017 Xiaomi mega giveaway winner list.


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