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By | January 15, 2020

Look Timbaktoon, this is my special bike. I have named it as Mad bike. What’s special in it boss? When Vir will sit on it, then. Go boss, I won’t talk to you, I am working for you since so many years but you didn’t even make a cycle for me. And now you are making a motor cycle for Vir, what’s wrong with you boss? Meow, he is right boss, he is right. What’s wrong with you boss? This bike is not made for Vir’s travelling, instead it is made to finish him. You have to leave it in front of Vir’s house. When Vir will sit on it and place both of his legs like this, his legs will get stuck between the iron belts. He won’t be able to escape, and his body will stick on the seat because of the magnet. Did you understand? Boss, what is the use of this remote? I will switch on this remote and control Vir like it is done in a video game. Then I will take Vir to a dangerous place and finish him. Haha!! I am glad, very very glad. Haha!! Yes, even I like to play video games. What are you doing? Stop it! I said stop it. Stop!!! Stop it!! Stop!! Vir, let’s go to the market and get some carrots, I am hungry. You all go to the market; I am not in a mood. Oh! But even I am hungry. Haha!! You are nothing without magic. If there were no magic then you would have stayed hungry only. This is wrong; I can do everything even without magic. Right Imli? Yes Gintu, if you want you can do it, but you don’t want to. Let’s take today’s example, you were hungry and you brought snacks by magic. Ok. Now look, today I will do everything without magic. Hey, whose bike is this? It’s very nice, let me sit on it and see. Target matching!!! Haha!! Game on Vir. Imli, this is not a bike but a robot. I am trapped on the seat because of magnet, you all stay aside. Gintu, save Vir, that bike is a robot. It has gone away with Vir. Do some magic fast. Today I will save Vir without any magic and show you. I will prove it that even I can do everything without magic. I will save Vir and show them. Gintu!! I will call grandfather. Robo boy suit on. Haha!! Vir, your laser rays cannot harm the mad bike. It is laser proof. Grandfather. Vir, Imli has told me everything on phone. This bike is in auto control or Mad Max is controlling it. You need to change its setting to manual control anyhow. Ok grandfather. Oh no! I need to save those children anyhow. Haha!! Now mad bike will crash into the children, then Vir will be insulted everywhere. Then along with Vir, the name of Robo boy will also get finished. Stop!!! Please!! Sorry friends. Gintu, use magic, Save Vir. I told you, I will save Vir without using the magic. Now let’s go. I will activate my jet pack. May be I will get separate from the seat. Haha!! Now it’s going to be fun. Now, how will you save yourself Vir? Haha!! Oh! What’s this. A bike is flying towards us in the air. How is this possible? Grandfather, an airplane is coming towards me from the opposite side and the bike is not at all in my control. Vir, I have attached a parachute in your suit. Use it. Thank you grandfather. Parachute on. Thankgod I’m saved. Hello Vir, where are you? Look up; I am going to land near railway crossing. I have got an idea to liberate myself from this bike. You please take a shortcut and reach there along with a strong rope, Do it fast Imli. Wait Imli, I am also coming. Imli, look behind. I’m coming from behind. The speed of this bike is too much. Keep the rope on the road and I will pick it up. Vir, what are you trying to do? I will tie the rope to a firm place. As the bike will run fast the seat will get detached from the bike along with me on it. Gintu, move aside, Vir is coming. Where is Vir? Vir!! Haha!! Byebye Vir. No, the bike is no more in my control. Now Vir is controlling it. But he cannot stop it. Haha!! He can only control the handle but cannot stop the bike. Haha!! Grandfather, the bike is in manual mode. Now I am controlling it. Cut the rope with laser beam. Bring the bike out of the track. No grandfather, the parts of bike are separating on this track. Vir, are you alright? Yes Imli, thank you. You brought the rope in time. Look, I saved Vir without using magic. Now tell me what magic should I do? Haha!!!

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