Video Tutorial: Easy Keyword Research for Travel SEO

By | August 12, 2019

Keyword Research is the key to getting found
online by your targeted customers. We call these personas. Your personas are the hub
of your marketing. In order to get found online you have to think about what your personas
are searching for. What are the questions or terms they are using and what is the verbiage
they use? This will help your travel SEO immensely! Let’s say you specialize in Destination Weddings
and want to optimize your homepage. The first step is finding the right keyword to use.
The easiest way to do keyword research is simply to go to Once here, we
start by typing in what our personas may search for. Let’s start by using “how to start planning
a destination wedding”. I’m going to pause for a moment and explain
this search term. This term “how to start planning a destination wedding” is what we
call a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword is a targeted search phrase that contains
3 or more words. Usually the long tail keyword is made up of other keywords. In this case,
destination wedding is a search term all on it’s own. You want to make sure you are using
long tail keywords for your travel SEO. This gives you a greater chance of getting found
online! OK, let’s go back to our search for “how to
start planning a destination wedding”. As you can see a lot of these sites that came
up are large websites like and We want to make sure we are using
a long tail keyword that we can actually come up on the first page or two of the search
results. It’s going to take a long time to be able to compete with these large sites.
So, by using Google’s search at the top, we can find a long tail keyword that’ll fit you
better. (Keep in mind, if you do this search yourself you may see slightly different results.
Google takes a lot of things into consideration especially if you’re logged in to a Google
account) Let’s try a few searches here to find a better
long tail keyword for our Destination Weddings homepage. As you see up here when I type,
Google gives me suggestions on terms people are searching for. Here’s a good one! “How to plan a destination wedding
in Mexico”. You’ll see we have some smaller companies listed here. This will be a great
long tail keyword to use on our homepage. To know how to take this or a similar keyword
and optimize your page, download our travel SEO guide>>Do you have questions on this easy keyword
research? Please send me them below in comments.

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