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By | August 26, 2019

Hello and welcome to the basic video SEO tutorial
from vidiSEO. What do you say we get started ? First things first, what is video SEO ? Well, quite simply, video SEO is a series
of techniques or processes to bring more people to your video. Without some basic optimizations your video
may as well be playing to an empty theater. Instead of a movie theate, people will find
your video on a video sharing website. Video sharing websites can include site like
YouTube, but there are literally buttloads more. So, how do you optimize your video ? Well, let’s start with the title. The title of your video is… well, the title
of your video. Although a seemingly small detail of your
video. The title can have a dramatic impact in the number of views your video recieves. For example, here we have a video called ‘Similar
Tastes’. It’s a cooking show showcasing a recipe for the superbowl. Ideally we’d start with some keyword research,
but we’ll cover that in greater detail in another video. For now we can just use a little common sense
to craft an optimized title. For example, I could go ahead and title this
video ‘Similar Tastes Episode One”, but that would be stupid. Why? Well, no one would really know that ‘Similar
Tastes’ is a show about cooking, and my title doesn’t say ‘cooking’ or even the word ‘recipe’
anywhere. So, to make things a little bit better I could
go ahead and title this ‘Cooking Show Similar Tastes”. Now were’re cooking ! But, to be completely optimized I’ve chosen
the title ‘Superbowl recipies Similar Tastes”. I’d like to target people searching for superbowl
recipies on YouTube, so I want to make sure that keyword appears at the very beginning
of my video’s title. Next we’ll move over to our video’s description. Here you can add a link to a website or offer
up any additional information about your video. You’ll want to make sure that your most important
keywords appear at the early stages of your description. Now, you want to make sure your description
is still very relevant to your video. This is not the time nor the place for a bunch
of keyword diarrhea. Next, we’re going to move along to the tags
section. Here you’ll want to select a handful of relevant
keywords, say between 5 and 15. Make sure your most important keywords from your title
also appear here. Also remember to cool your jets. You don’t
need 60 to 100 keywords. That’s keyword spam and it’s not going to help you out very much. If you have that many keyword tags on your
video you’re probably a total nincompoop. And our video is optimized ! So, does a title, description and tags really
help optimize our video ? You tell me. Well that’s it for this installment. I’ve
been your host Matt Ballek. Feel free to visit me at or if you’re on YouTube
right now why do you go ahead and subscribe to my channel. That way you won’t miss any videos. Thanks again. Buh bye.

11 thoughts on “Video SEO (vSEO) How To

  1. Travis Campbell Post author

    Excellent presentation and content. Keep it coming! 🙂

  2. Marco Ortiz Post author

    Love it! Do you teach how to make all of the super groovy click-able buttons on these video's?

  3. VIDISEO Post author

    @SweatyRican I sure do. I have a video titled "YouTube Annotations Guide" that walks you through the steps to make clickable buttons in your own videos. I'll send it over to you.

  4. NYCrealestateTV Post author

    awesome vids… what program do you use to create the presentation?

  5. VIDISEO Post author

    @NYCrealestateTV Thanks! For this particular video I actually used PowerPoint


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