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By | October 12, 2019

Welcome back. We’re talking video SEO
again. And in this episode, we’re talking about how to get your video to rank
number one in one day. Yeah, how can you get your videos to rank the day that you
post it. There are several parts that go into
making this happen. Making your videos ranked on the first day. So, we’re going to
talk about the lengths that your videos need to be. We’re going to talk about the
average view duration. What percentage do viewers need to have in order to get
these results for your video to rank number one. We’re going to talk about custom
thumbnails in the impact they have on the ranking of your video. We’re going to
talk about keyword research and how that impacts this. But also, how you can pretty
much ignore the keyword tags. (What?) So, we’re going to wrap up this video talking
about how do you optimize it. How do you actually set it up within YouTube before
you hit publish. Now, I’m going to show you what makes a video perform well in
terms of the time. How long should these videos be. I mean I can just tell you,
“Yeah, you want your videos to be 10 to 12 minutes in length.” I’m going to show you
a channel. In fact, look right here. This is the Kris Krohn channel you can see
here then in the last 28 days, we’ve had 758,000 thousand views,
4.5 million minutes of watch time. I come down here, top videos. I’m going to click on
“see more”. Now, these are our top performing videos. And as I hover over
each of these titles, you’re going to see how long each of them are, okay? This one,
20 minutes. That’s our best performing video. Has an average view duration. You
can see here of 7 minutes and 10 seconds. It’s actually a 20 minute video. This one
right there another 20 minute video. Those ones are actually abnormally long.
But they are sequel videos as well. You can watch another video up here to learn
about sequel strategies okay this one here –11 minutes, 16 minutes, 9 minutes, 25
minutes, 13, 11, 17, 11, 7, 9, 8, 8. So, I just wanted to show you. Yeah, these are our
videos that are performing the best. Now, before I close this screen, look at this
column here. Average view duration of 7 minutes 10 seconds 8 minutes, 6 and a
half, 8, 5 and a half, 10 minutes. That’s on a longer one. That’s on a 25-minute video. 6 minutes, 6 minutes, almost 9. 6, 3 and almost 4, almost
5. 5 and a half, almost 5. So,
that brings up the next question “How do you get people watching longer on your
videos?” Well one, make your content valuable. Like really answer people’s
questions and give them gold. But is there anything else that you can do? Yeah,
at the beginning of this video, I kind of gave you a summary, okay? I don’t like to
call it a summary because I didn’t give away all the secrets. I actually call it
content hooks. I’m setting hooks for all the content that’s going to be
throughout the rest of my video. So that you know, “Okay,
Nate’s going to talk about this, then he’s going to talk about this. Then he’s going to
talk about this.” And at the end of the video, he’s going to share this secret. I
recommend that you do the same. Set little hooks of what’s coming up in the
video. So, if you’ve got a 10 or 12 minute video, people are going to know what’s
coming, why they should watch all the way to the end? The next thing that you need
to do on your videos to get them to rank number 1 is you’ve got to have a
really good design thumbnails. So, you’ve got to create a custom design. I’ve got
another video up here where I talk about how to create the custom design
thumbnail. Take you through that whole process. So, watch that video next. I want
to show you how important thumbnails are. So, this is a test we did on one of
Kris’s videos. Notice these 2 thumbnails are identical except for
Kris’s facial expression. We call this one the dorky face. Those are Chris’s
words and I’ve just been repeating him now for years. This one he’s kind of
looking like, “Ooh, you know don’t do this.” But this one’s kind of showing a
dorky face. Check this out. This one is the original. This is the variation. The
original has a 7.22% click-through rate. The variation
with the dorky face went up to a 7.8. Now, that sounds like a small
difference. But when these videos are getting shown to tens of thousands of
people, it makes a big impact. So in fact, we went from 33 seconds of average watch
time per impression up to 35 and a half. Just by changing from one face to a
dorky face. This next point is a game changer. If all you do is pay attention
to one thing in this video, this is it right here.
Keyword research before filming. I’m going to show you some examples. So, I
need to go back to my computer instead of standing up. But I wanted to stand up
just to emphasize how important this is. So, check this out. This is keyword
research that I did for Katy Gutierrez. A friend of mine who’s an interior
designer. Now, in her mind, she could come up with a couple video ideas on
livingroom design. But we did keyword research. We found the actual questions
that people are searching for online. This is going to make the difference of
having her videos ranked on Google and get lots of views or be amazing videos
but never get seen. Now, I’ve got 20 different video titles. She can make a
video on every single one of these topics and have them all ranked on
YouTube on day one. So, look at some of these. My favorite is down at number 15.
“How to design a living room with a corner fireplace. Or number 11, how to
design a living room with a fireplace and TV?” Or “How to design a living room
with a sectional?” That was number 10. Number 7, “How to design a living room
with large windows?” If you do your keyword research before filming, then
you’re 90% of the way there of getting your videos to rank on the top of
YouTube on day one. That’s such a critical step. Do not skip this step. The
other 10% we’ve covered some of it, right? You want your videos to be the right
length. When I would be quality content so they watch all the way through. You
want to set content hooks. This will keep your video ranking number one on YouTube.
Then what can you do when you upload it? Alright? Well, we did keyword research,
we found the title. You want to put that as the title of the video. So, whether
it’s “How to design a living room with a corner fireplace?” Or “How to design a
kitchen living room combo?” Whatever your topic that you chose, that is the exact
title of your video. You can’t put that as a tag but tags don’t really matter
anymore. You can put that in your description. But guess what? This is the
easy part. You sit there and let YouTube work it’s magic. YouTube automatically
transcribes your video for you. YouTube uses that over the keywords now. YouTube
can just comb through everything that you said in the video and it knows what
your video is about. It will match it to your title and it will know if that’s
what your video really is about and it will rank you on day one. Because we went
so specific, because we just didn’t make a video on the living room design. And
then there’s a hundred other living room design videos that you’ve got to compete
with, we went ultra specific. Yours is the only video on that topic yet we made
sure that there were a search volume on it. It only has to be a little bit for
the strategy to work. Once YouTube has transcribed your video, you can go in and
edit it if you want to correct spelling or add capitalization and punctuation.
You can just clean it up a bit. We actually don’t have to. The reason I like
to do that is because if people turn on subtitles,
it looks better for them. Now that you know how important keyword research is
to gieting your video to rank number one, I want you to go more in-depth onto my
leaf strategy. Okay, so watch this video next. I’ll show you step by step how you
find these questions that people are searching for so that you can do it too
and you can rank your videos on the top of YouTube on day one.

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