Video SEO basics for Youtube – Vlog Pod Quick Tip

By | August 15, 2019

You want your videos to be seen right? You
want to appear in organic search results and get more views yes? Okay, so why is video
SEO or search engine optimisation for youtube videos still so often overlooked by so many
businesses? How often do you see a video with a useless title, no description text at the
very least? In this quick tip I’m going to show you my
top 5 steps to help your videos get found online. Make sure you do these things, and
do them well, and you’re videos will be ranking well in no time. One – Use relevant titles with great keywords
or phrases. Think about what your audience would be typing into a search engine and use
that in your videos title. Make the title clear and descriptive so that when people
click play they know what they are getting. Two – Make the most of the description text.
Youtube allow a lot of text here, so be sure to at least include a couple of well written
paragraphs, relevant to the topic of your video and that makes good use of primary and
secondary keywords. Always include a clickable link to your website as the very first thing
in your description, along with links to associated articles, social media profiles and so on.
Remember to make your links clickable you need to include the full URL including the
http Three – Tags should always include both keywords
and plenty of relevant ‘key phrases’. Use quotation marks around key phrases to further
distinguish your video in search results. Ideally you want unique tags so consider using
adjectives such as ‘quick’ or ‘easy’ or location tags such as ‘sunshine coast’ or ‘brisbane’
as well as your primary keywords. Four – This is one of the least used SEO tips
across Youtube. Upload a transcription for closed captions. By uploading a transcription
in the advanced section of the videos properties you are effectively making every word that
is said in your video searchable by search engines. It’s also a nice thing for your viewers
to be able to turn on closed captions when they are viewing your video at work and can’t
have the sound turned up. And finally, five – Use annotations and in-video
program links to create dynamic links to your other video content. By adding annotations
or using the in-video programming functions of Youtube you can keep your audience engaged
within your network of videos, these dynamic links between videos also are seen by search
engines and can have a positive impact on your videos rankings. So that’s it.. 5 quick tips that everyone
should be doing on their youtube videos. Take a moment now and see how many of these can
be improved on in your videos. And then leave me a comment below and let
me what you think.

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