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By | August 12, 2019

Video Search Engine Optimization – Automate
Linkwheels For Every Video You Ever Upload To Youtube – VSEO This is advanced Video search engine optimization
or VSEO as its commonly known …VSEO being short for Video SEO of course:) How you can gain an unfair advantage over
your competitors without them ever knowing! Create Automated Linkwheels For Every Video
You Ever Upload To YouTube…Its very easy to do and there is even a YouTube SEO software
i created that can be purchased that does all the hard work of building recipes using
IFTTT in a sequence that creates linkwheels using sites like blogger, tumblr, wordpress
and more…all done for you! Video search engine optimization will get
more sophisticated as more SEO agencies, affiliate marketers, local offline seo services etc.
all start doing more with video as its easier to rank videos, its less effort than traditional
search engine optimization and as of right now there is still very limited competition
for some majorly profitable and high traffic keywords! By having web 2.0 blog networks created via
IFTTT and updated every time you upload a video to Youtube, the SEO and VSEO value will
keep increasing as these sites have good page rank and authority in the eyes of Google. By adding to that another one or two IFTTT
accounts which create video linkwheels you can see the power of what we are doing to
create that unfair advantage in the search engines using advanced video search engine
optimization tips like this to continually build powerful backlinks, syndicate quality
content, utilizing video meta tags of others to help create LSI keywords in our descriptions
and video titles for better YouTube SEO and taking our web video marketing content and
video marketing SEO to another level. If you have a wordpress site you use within
the IFTTT channels with a video sitemap this will again increase your optimization further
as will video rich snippets using author rel on wordpress and also on Youtube linking to
Google Plus along with your website which is also powerful for video search engines
like Youtube and Vimeo and daily motion. I hope you enjoyed this video search engine
optimization tutorial from Me – Anthony Hayes at KISS I.M and Commando SEO softwares, as
always i appreciate comments and likes and please subscribe to get more YouTube SEO and
VSEO tips and strategies for 2013 and beyond.

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  1. Fitness365Info Post author

    Complete bullshit…There is no software!

  2. Gorden Milton Post author

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