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By | September 12, 2019

Video testimonials are without a doubt one of the most powerful pieces of content you can put on any website. My name is Andy Crestodina and I’m a co-founder and strategic director of Orbit Media Studios, which is a web design company here in Chicago. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the art and science of ranking high in search and attracting visitors to your website. Google likes pages that when visitors click to visit them, the visitor doesn’t leave right away because that’s a sign of the pages good quality. So, one of our goals in search optimization is to make pages that have hide dwell time. They call it the short click vs. the long click. Every time that I’ve published a page with video, the time on page is longer than the rest of the website’s content on average. Separate from search, it just has such a powerful force for building trust. It’s just a giant credibility builder because video shows tone of voice and body language and when you’re watching a video, you really feel like you’re talking to that person. The ultimate, of course, would be to be in the room with a person, but we can’t be in everybody’s room with everybody, so video is a way to be there when you’re not there much much more than text. It’s the ultimate format for content. There’s two kinds of videos you can add the sites generally. There’s the conversion focused videos which are specifically designed to build trust and make the case and provide evidence and put you in the best light. Those go on sales, and product pages, service pages, the brochure parts of your website. Those really should be high production value and I think that when people go to price it out that they’re surprised at the cost and they weren’t ready at that time to make the investment. People need to consider going big on this and actually fixing that and budgeting for it because it’s valuable. It will make a difference. It’s worth the money. The content marketing parts of your website, the blog posts, the educational content, the purely informative stuff, those are those are videos, like this video, where you’re just teaching, you’re just helping right and in those cases that becomes the video because part of a content strategy. If you turn on your webcam and just start teaching something and share your screen and capture that as a video and post it. That’s not expensive. That doesn’t have to be a plus, like you know super polished video so, then either there’s the financial side for conversion videos and there’s the emotional, just the perfectionist in people that stops them from producing content in general, but video specifically. Again, get over it. It’s worth it. Just take the plunge.

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