Video Marketing SEO| Secret Tip No One Told You About!

By | September 6, 2019

Hey, this is Melinda Caldwell with,
and today I’m going to talk to you about video marketing SEO and the advantages of adding
a transcript to your YouTube video. Now, there are really four places that you have to make
sure that you are adding keywords into your YouTube video to make sure that they are — that
your video is video optimized. Video SEO is so extremely important because you spend all
this time to make sure that you’re creating a great video, but what if no one can find
it. And so you have to make sure that you are ranking on the first page of YouTube and
that if someone — I’m sorry — ranking on the first page of Google. And also, when they
go to YouTube, that when they put in your keywords, that you are showing up on the first
page of that YouTube page. Okay. So let’s just go over some of the things that you want
to make sure you do when it comes to video marketing SEO. Okay. You want to make sure
your title has the keywords in them, and as you can see, my keyword is Oneup Marketing
reviews. And so that’s a no-brainer. Another place you want to make sure you are loading
up the keywords would be the description box. The best thing to do is create an article.
And I know that that is a little time consuming, but you will be surprised at how Google will
rank you higher than someone else because you take your time out — you’ve taken your
time out to do things that other people will not do. So you can create a little article.
Another place that you can stick keywords in that Google will find for you is you can
create annotations. You can just go to your video manager, hit this button here, choose
like you see this, the annotation right here. This is just for people to go to my website,
but you can create an annotation and what you’re going to do is you’re going to place
— well, actually, you would choose where you want the the annotation to go. You would
stop the video and at that mark that’s where you would place the annotation. Now, in the
annotation you want to make sure that you have the keyword in the annotation. So since
my keyword was OneUp Marketing reviews, I’m going to say something like OneUp Marketing
reviews, find out the secrets behind the dashboard, and I’m only going to let it run for maybe
15 seconds, but my only purpose for putting that in there is for Google to see the annotation
and show that I am using — that this is what my video is about. So we have a description
box, we have the title, we have annotations, and, finally, this is something that a lot
of people, they’re not doing. Transcribe what you say and upload it to YouTube. Now that
is something that is a little — it’s a little laborious, but at the end of the day if you’re
selling products and your video comes up number one, that could be, you know — an hour’s
worth of work could be the difference between you making 20 sales and 2 sales. So take the
time out to use video marketing SEO and really optimize these videos. Another thing that
you should notice that I’m doing is that I’m saying the words “video marketing SEO.” Why
am I doing that? I’m doing that because the keywords for this video will be “video marketing
SEO.” So you want to make sure that you’re saying that throughout the video so when you
transcribe the video and you upload it to YouTube, you are also getting credit and you’re
reaping the benefits and the rewards for actually — for having those keywords in the transcript.
And here’s why this is so important. The Google search robots are not listening to your video.
They’re picking up your keywords from your title, your annotations, your description.
That’s how they determine who has more authority than the other person and who — whose video
is more relevant than the other video, so if you have a transcript uploaded into YouTube,
and you’re explaining and people can actually read what you’re saying, you’re going to get
a one up. Also, it’s a great way — it’s, you know, it’s something great for the hearing
impaired. I know that YouTube has the closed captioning, but a lot of times those closed
captions are not accurate. I’m a court reporter myself, and I know how important it is to
have an accurate transcription of what it is that’s being said. So make sure you’re
creating those transcripts. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to stop the tape. I’m
going to transcribe what I just said. I’m going to put it in the format that you need
to have it in so you can see it for yourself and then I’m going to show you how to upload
the transcript and place the timestamps on the transcript so that people can actually
read through the transcript on the video and choose which sections of the video, if they
want to, you know, which part of the video they would like to listen to. So I’m going
to stop the tape and next time you’ll see me I’ll have a transcript and I’m going to
show you exactly how to upload it to YouTube. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel and visit me at Thanks. Have a good day.

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