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By | November 12, 2019

India is a country different from everything
what you could have found traveling It has its own rules and it is
something that you have to assume before assuming, before your departure It’s crazy, shrill, noisy, smelly, and yes, it has a lot of dirt for the Western eye But it is that your criterion of cleaning should stay at home, if not, India is not for you. If you still accept the rules, if you still want to enjoy this country and in this country … WELLCOME TO INDIA !!!!! Welcome to the land of 1000 scents and flavors …. … To the land of colors, temples and churches that hold all religions … , … to the smile of his people. There are things that it never hurts to know and that can help you in your first time in India. They are based on our three
trips in this country. in 2010, in 2012, and now in 2018 And believe me … despite the passage of time, nothing has changed. So, the tips
that we give you here, will last in time One of the ways to move around
the city, is to rent or take a trip with a rickshaw car The journey can be the most fun. Yes … remember that you have to negotiate hard, Of the price that they tell you, many times it is more than half the discount you have to do FOOD Eating on the street is one of the experiences that you can miss. Here you see me, cooking. In those places where you see a rotation of the public It’s interesting that you stop, because it means that you are going to have enough opportunities to taste good Indian cuisine. Here you see me, I do not know exactly what I’m cooking, but they’ve put me to work. Indicaros, the detail of the food not spiced … to see how we explain it Always going to bite, which is
complicated, that you look for alternatives (Let’s get it right here … better he does …) “We are going to put a little bit more …” You see me working hard … And what I was telling you, the spicy food, in this country is always going to be spiced with which, enjoy, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away by good Indian cuisine. DO WE CROSS? Crossing the street in Delhi is simply a matter of decision. to do it with energy and vitality. When you see that they are going through cars around, what you have to
to do is raise your hand, never part in middle of the road. That way they do everything for back, it’s the jungle, and for ahead and this you
field to move. Without fear… only with the emphaticness of saying that
your way, always goes forward. Well, it does not seem so difficult … You cross … And that’s it! Yes or no? I am going to introduce you now to my friend
Gulsha, who is here in the Main Bazaar that will explain the difference
of a thing that calls us powerfully attention. It’s like they say “Yes”, as they say “No” and as they say when they have no idea
what to answer They are always so kind a resounding “No” they will never tell you. It is difficult to be told. But the gesture, that gesture that attracts our attention Let’s explain it H2O (water) Buying water will be one of the actions you will do more times a day, because the body you have to hydrate it and more with these temperatures. So let’s give you a series of recommendations for your purchase to be effective The first thing: you should never pay more than 20 rupees for the bottle The second, you always have to check
that the bottle comes completely closed, to avoid problems. And third, you always have to recommend you ask her cold because by hand, they will always give it at room temperature, and the ambient temperature here, believe me, is broth water. PRICES Whenever we come to India We buy several things, specifically a lipstick of these balsamic If you have doubts about the prices, there is a very interesting thing and is that the prices are marked
directly in rupees. They come here indicated. With which, do not worry !!. You do not have to go bargaining You just have to look: it’s always marked. HOTEL REGISTRATION The arrival at your hotel, happens to register … and you do it through different methods. but the most traditional and the one that we have used the most times, is to do it through these great
books, where you have to leave all your Data: name, surname, address, place
where you come from, and next city you’ll go to, apart from all the information in your passport And in some cases they also ask for your passport number and phone number. You have to fill it out and it’s one of the
Basic methods for your registration inside the hotel. SHOPPING You know, that when we travel, what
we do with quite small baggage In addition, we do not like to bill what implies that all boats have to be of reduced size. But that’s not a problem here in India because in every corner, you will find
stores where to buy products from hygiene all kinds. Besides pretty good brands, with which … … I tell you, you do not have to
load from our country of residence with big boats. And yes, stores where
buy cosmetics, you have a lot There are pharmacies in all corners. Y
a thing that powerfully calls the Attention, is that here the pills are sold individually. They open the box and they give you only those that
you need to take TRANSPORTATION Inevitably, talking about India and talking about products, it is something that is united in the same sentence. but now to be transported all over
the city, there are two means of transport, which makes it easier for you to
things. One, I suppose you will know, It’s “Uber.” And the other one that is a
application directly here from India it called “OLA”. Both one, and the other,
you can make your travel reservation and so you avoid the fight of having to negotiate
hard to move from a point to other. Both applications work the same way. The only difference is that the
“Uber” you can use with your mobile from your country. But to use the “Wave”, you need to have a mobile from here in India Another means of transportation typical of India is, this bicycle guided by a man. We tried it first time here and the truth is that he did not give us very
good feelings … He gave us a bit of trouble, see how the man suffered by pulling
of us … Although you have to recognize the cheapest means of transport. One of the means of transport that most
We have used for our trip all over India It’s been the buses, but the local buses. Why? Because it facilitates us a lot, the trip is much faster, we get to the stations and quickly it usually comes out a line … we do not have to walk to take
planned decisions, or nothing … How do we do it??. We arrived directly at the station and in all this cacophony and noise and go
asking the name of the destination We have written it also for
to be able to ask, because many times our way of
to pronounce, it’s different from how they do it Right now what we are saying is “Puducherry, … Puducherry !!” and they show us, they indicate us … We got on the bus quickly. We try to find a seat. Many times it is difficult task, … we will not deny it … and others, on the fly You find one fast. At the moment the
reviewer passes, charges you your ticket and depends on the route, … Our next
Journey will be two hours And yes … during the whole trip you will go
listening to these beautiful, pitidossssss WITHOUT MOSQUITOES !! Mosquitoes attack hard and more
when you have a sweet skin like mine … I do not know what’s going on, they all come to
my And what do I always do? so buy me an anti-mosquito. But I buy it already directly here and before leaving,
He bought one for the next time he returns. Besides the price is much cheaper: about 90 rupees that at the change are 1.2 euros. And also the one here, I do not know what he has, but he struggles harder against mosquitoes
local. SMILE!! And above all, smile, but smile first, and you will see, how they return your
better smile. Did you like this video? Well … what are you waiting for? Give the “liKe” and leave us a comment and And of course: if you have not subscribed to
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