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By | August 7, 2019

I want to show you my quick and easy
zucchini and yellow squash rollatini so this is the mandolin it is
not a musical instrument it’s actually a kitchen tool with a very very sharp
blade it’s a great way of taking vegetables and actually quickly making
different strips of things and so on the side of it it’s adjustable for different
widths and for the rollatini we’re gonna set it at 1/8 to cut away you just
safely protect your fingers up here and you want to push down and taking these
beautiful strips perfect every single time now our zucchini the same thing and
then you just take a little bit of salt and sprinkle it on top the salt is
actually gonna draw out the excess moisture and that way you won’t have a
soggy yellow squash rollatini set aside around 5 minutes and we’re gonna do a
beautiful ricotta filling for this all you need is 1 cup of ricotta cheese and
then we need 1 lemon both the lemon juice and the zest olive
oil this is such a flavorful beautiful oil to have in a ricotta 1 tablespoon
and then finally a little bit of salt and black pepper mix it together and
let’s check on our zucchini and squash do you see that pooling at the bottom
all of that would have made our rollatini really soggy and you want this
to be firm and crispy and to make your rollatini simply take a beautiful ribbon of
vegetable a dollop of your ricotta cheese mixture and then you roll it up
olive oil I’m just gonna drizzle it on top some black pepper is that not the
perfect bite mmm that lemon juice is so bright that
ricotta is so creamy I love that tenderized mandolin vegetable you have
to make this tonight

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