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By | August 26, 2019

I’m gonna take a quarter cup I’ll show
you one of my favorite recipes walnut chorizo cheesy nachos and in this recipe we’ve got two secret
ingredients one is walnuts for our chorizo and the other one it’s butternut
squash for our cheese and what you want to do is take a whole butternut squash
and just slice it down the middle and if you notice the color on this doesn’t it
kind of look like nacho cheese already pretty cool I’ve got my oven already on at 375
degrees and into the oven it goes for about 30 minutes until it’s really
cooked through I’ve had one already in there that’s been cooking it looks
really really good so I’m gonna let it cool down for our walnut chorizo soak
about one cup of raw walnuts in just really really hot water what this does
it softens up the nuts so that it can resemble sort of the crumbly texture of
a meaty chorizo and after about ten minutes you just drain it I’ll put it on
my cutting board and I’ll give them a rough cut so into a sauté pan I’m using
avocado oil warm them up give them some color we need two tablespoons of our
Mexican seasoning I need one tablespoon of tomato paste we need one more thing we have to make
our cheese sauce our butternut squash has been cooling down take a metal spoon and scoop out all that wonderful cooked butternut squash we need about 2/3
cups so one more ingredient that you may not be familiar with that we’re gonna
add in here it’s something called oat milk there’s so many different dairy
free alternatives right now oat milk is basically just soaked oats and water and
over time it sort of creates what I call a cereal milk but minus all the sugar one
cup of oat milk goes into the blender one more here it’s our nutritional yeast 1/4 cup a pinch of salt 1 teaspoon of chipotle
powder ooh that’s got a lot of flavor all we have to do is blend in a matter of seconds look how creamy
and velvety smooth this is get a big bowl of chips and then just smother it
with this beautiful cheese sauce what I really love about this recipe is that
the cheese sauce never really congeals so that the first bite is as good as the
last one our chorizo crumbles sprinkle them right on top and squeeze
some fresh lime juice all over the beautiful nachos fresh cilantro
my mouth is watering I have to give this a try so good there’s crunchiness there’s
creaminess and that cheese dip a lot of spice from that chorizo it’s so delicious so nutritious you have to make this tonight

4 thoughts on “Vegan Cheesy Nachos | Naturally, Danny Seo

  1. mrfoltz Post author

    My partner and I love your show Danny!
    That being said… with some of your ingredients you have to go to 4-5 stores just to find them..
    Even though he's Chinese from Thailand 40 years ago, and we go to Asian food markets all the time.. He's a great cook.. mostly Thai, Chinese and korean.. 🙂

  2. mrfoltz Post author

    BTW the nutritional information on the bottom of each food , is very helpful!


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